This is how I'm a Super Hero Plane and Ryan-Ko chats to Jay Jay goes in Big Jake and the Tarrytown Heroes.

[Ryan-Ko and Cody-Ling go to talk to Jay Jay]

Ryan-Ko: I hope Jay Jay can be happy. Hey, bro. You think it make his dream come true?

Cody-Ling: Yeah. I think you could tell him that idea.

[They find him round the back of the hangar]

Ryan-Ko: Hey, Jay Jay?

Jay Jay: Yeah?

Cody-Ling: Can we talk for a sec?

Ryan-Ko: It's important.

Jay Jay: Ok. Ryan-Ko the... the...

Ryan-Ko: I'm a jiangshi, that's what you call a Chinese Vampire.

Jay Jay: Oh. I was about to say "Kung fu master". Maybe "Chinese kung fu master" but Chinese Vampire works. What idea you come up?

Ryan-Ko: I think we need to teach Big Jake about the power of imagination.

Cody-Ling: And maybe I remember reading some of PJ Masks and the comic book about a ladybug and cat heroes of Paris.

Ryan-Ko: And with a little imagination, we can help Big Jake.

Jay Jay: Hey, you're right.

Cody-Ling: Ryan could help us. You know where he is?

Ryan-Ko: Yeah. Follow me you two.


Ryan F-Freeman: [building a Matalino] Insert Tab A into slot b...

Jay Jay: Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman:

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