Here is how "Making Christmas" and Oogie's henchmen capture Santa Claus in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

(we see everyone making things while sinister music sounds)

Demons: This time, this time~

Ghosts: Making Christmas~

Monster: Making Christmas~

Mayor: Making Christmas~

Making Christmas~

Is so fine~

(we see Code Red with worried faces)

Group: It's ours this time~

Won't the children be surprised~

It's ours this time~

Deadpool: Making Christmas~

Mummy: Making Christmas~

Mummy and Deadpool: Making Christmas~

Nighlock:(pulls Deadpool away) We're supposed to be convincing Jack this is wrong.(tases him)

Witches: Time to give them something fun~

Witches and Undersea Gal: They'll talk about for years to come~

Group: Let's have a cheer for everyone~

The Code Red Team: It's time to party~

Nighlock:(spoken) Who's side are you guys on anyways?(tases them all)

Duck Toy: Making Christmas, making Christmas~

Vampires: Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice~

With spiders legs and pretty bows~

Winged Demon: It's ours this time~

(Taser tases the others as well)

Taser: Focus.

Corpse Father: All together, that and this~

Corpse Father and Werewolf: With all our tricks we're~

Corpse Father, Werewolf, and Devil: Making Christmastime~

Werewolf:(spoken) Here comes Jack.

Jack Skellington: I don't believe what's happening to me~

My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies~

Hee, hee, hee, hee!

(Indominus buries a thief in Jack's backyard)

Harley Quin Demon: Won't they be impressed, I am a genius~

See how I transform this old rat into a most delightful little hat~

Jack Skellington: Hmmm. My complements from me to you~

On this your most intriguing hat~

Consider though a substitute~

A Bat in place of this old rat~

Oh no-no-no~

Now that's all wrong~

This thing will never make a present~

It's been dead for much to long~

Try something fresher, something pleasant~

Try again~

Don't give up~

[Nighlock face palms]

Three Mr. Hydes: All together, that and this~

With all our tricks we're making Christmas time~

Ghosts: This time, this time~

Jack Skellington: IT'S OURS!!!!

Group: Making Christmas, making Christmas~

La, la, la, la,!

It's almost here~

Group and Werewolf: And we can't wait~

Group and Harlequin: So ring the bells and celebrate~

Cause when the full moon starts to climb~

We'll all sing out...~

Jack and Deadpool: It's Christmas time! He, he, he, he.

[Before Nighlock do something, Deadpool grabs his taser and tases himself]

Nighlock: Thank you.

Jack Skellington: IT'S CHRISTMASTIME!~


[we see Mrs. Claus making cookies, while Santa checks his list]

Santa Claus: Nice, nice, nice. Yes, Suzie's been nice. Nice, nice, naughty, nice, nice. There are hardly any naughty children this year.

[a knock is heard at the door]

Santa Claus: Oh, I wonder who that is?(answers the door, and finds Lock Shock and Barrel)

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Trick or Treat!(bag him while laughing)

(screen goes black)

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