Here's when Snowdrop goes to find her family in The Snowdrop Movie

[we now see Snowdrop shedding a few tears on a bridge]

[then appear, Skyla and Crystal Heart watch]

Snowdrop: [sniffs]

Mostly I'm happy and I'm bouncy Because I am the onliest one (hmm hmm hmm) But now all at once I feel so lonely For someone like me (Someone like me)

Right now I'm sorta feelin' downcy I'm just about the loneliest one (hmm hmm hmm hmm) And deep in my heart I'm sort of wishin' For someone like me (Someone like me)

Somebody with springs and things Who laughs and sings and jumps everyday Somebody who's fun, fun, fun Who loves to trounce and pounce And bounce the gloomies away (hoo-hoo)

How I dream there is another A double or a triple of me (To keep him company) But since I'm awake I feel so lonely Because I know it can't be (It never can be)

Bein' the I'm the one and onliest me Someone like me

[she sniffs as she looks at her reflection in the stream. Then it shows Primrose's spirit]

Primrose: [walks over to Snowdrop] Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: Hi, Mom.

Primrose: Something wrong?

Snowdrop: [sniffs] I messed up today.

Primrsoe: Why, what happened?

Snowdrop: We were playing and.... I wish Astrid didn't say those things.

Primrose: What were they?

Snowdrop: [inmatating Astrid] "Is this some kind of a joke to you?! Winter is almost here, and we need to be prepared for anything! But we can't if you or your dinosaur friend get in the way! Figure out what matters most and go play with your blind friends!".

Primrose: How rude of her!

Snowdrop: I know.

Primrose: [pats her back] I'm sorry.

Snowdrop: Mother, did we have any other relatives?

Prirmsoe: No, but there was your father...

Snowdrop: My father?

Primrose: Yes, long ago....

[in the flashback]

Icicle Storm: [in his mind] Okay. Today's the day, you're finally asking Primrose.

Primrose: Hello, Icicle Storm.

Icicle Storm: Primrose, you've been my marefriend for a long time and I have something to ask you.

Primrose: Yes?

Icicle Storm: Well, what I'm trying to say is... [takes out a tiny box] Would you marry me? [opens the box and reveils a golden ring with a snowflake shaped diamond]

Primrose: [takes the box, shedding tears] Oh Icicle Storm, yes I will!

[the 2 share a passinate kiss]

[Soon, months later, their honey moon started in the City of Manehatten]

Icicle Storm: Oh, this is the best I've had.

Primrose: Yes. It's the same for me.

Icicle Storm: I know.

Primrose: But, it's even better with you, dear.

Icicle Storm: Likewise sweetheart.

[they kissed]

[months later]

Primrose: Honey.

Icicle Storm: Yes?

Primrose: I have some news.

Icicle Storm: What is it, dear?

Primrose: [whispers in Icicle's ear] I'm pregnant.

Icicle Storm: Oh, Primrose, that's wonderful!

Primrose: I know. We're gonna be parents! [they embraced]

[Months later, Icicle Storm became very sick]

Icicle Storm: [moaning very sickly as he walks into the bathroom]

[the door then closes as we hear vomiting]

Primrose: [comes up to the door] Icicle Storm? You Okay?

Icicle Storm: No.

Primrose: [comes in] What's wrong?

Icicle Storm: [still moaning] I feel very sick, dear. I think I need to see a doctor]

[at the doctor's]

Doctor: [checking Icicle Storm] Well, this is more serious than it looks.

Primrose: How much more serious?

Doctor: I think we oughta get you to the hospital, sir.

[At the hospital]

Nurse: Well, after some tests we found out what's wrong.

Icicle Storm: What is it?

Nurse: You've bee diagnosed with

Icicle Storm:

Docotr: We're gonna move you into a room for now.

Icicle Storm: Okay.

[In the room]

Primrose: Icicle? [comes in]

Icicle Storm: Hello, dear.

Primrose: How are you doing?

Icicle Storm: Not so good dear, I'm sorry this had to happen to me. Before I go, can you do me a favor?

Primrose: What?

Icicle Storm: Please take care of our foal for me.

Primrose: [sniffs] I'll do my best honey.

Icicle Storm: Take care our sweet thing. [eyes clossed, and passed away]

Primrose: Oh Icicle Storm, goodbye my dear. [she softly cries]

[at the funeral]

Primrose: Goodbye, honey. I'll miss you. [soflty cries] [then feels something] Oh dear, I think the foal's coming!

Pegasus: Call the hospital!

[At the hospital]

Doctor: Okay, Primrose. Push!

Primrose: [grunts]

Nurse: Keep it up!

[Primrose keeps pushing, till Snowdrop arrived]

Snowdrop: [crying]

Doctor: It's a girl!

Primrose: I'm so happy. [then she falls asleep]

[in Primrose's room]

Primrose: [sleeping, then a medical pony walks in]

Medical pegasus: Well Mrs. Primrose, you foal is all fine now.

Primrose: May I see my foal?

Medical pegasus: Yes, of course. [hands it over to her] I'll leave you two alone now. [he does so]

Primrose: I think I'll call you "Snowdrop".

Snowdrop: [yawns]

Primrose: Oh, if only your father could see you now.

Snowdrop: [she opens her eyes, which are a bit blurry]

Primrose: Oh my. You're blind.

Snowdrop: [cries]

Primrose: Oh, I'm sorry. Shhh. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. It's okay.

Snowdrop: [stops, and then nuzzles into Mother's embrace and falls asleep]

Primrose: Oh Snowdrop, I know you'll find you place in the world, even if you're blind. [she then falls alseep]

[Flashback ends]

Snowdrop: So, I had a Dad?

Primrose: Yes, you did. But I wish he could've gotten a chance to see you.

???: She does not, Primmy.

Primrose: Icicle?

[they look back and there at the other end of the bridge was Icicle Storm in spirit!]

Primrose: Icicle!

Icicle Storm: Primrose.

[The 2 hugged]

Snowdrop: Father?

Icicle Storm: Yes, my sweet thing.

Snowdrop: Father! It is you! [hugs him]

Icicle Storm: Snowdrop, sweet thing.

[Snowdrop's dragons walk up to him and sniff him]

Icicle Storm; Oh, your dragons. Primrose told me about them. Frostlord and Eaglesight, right?

Snowdrop: Yes. Boys, if you would introduce yourselves please?

Frostlord: [growls]

Eaglesight: [growls]

Icicle Storm: Nice to meet you 2. [pets them]

Snowdrop: Who where our relatives, father?

Icicle Storm: I don't know. But don't lose hope. There could be some out there.

Snowdrop: You really think so?

Icicle Storm: Yes, I think you should find them.

Skyla: I wanna help too!

Snowdrop: Skyla!

Skyla: I want to help, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: Sounds good.

Skyla: Alright, let's go!

[the foals and dragons take off]

Primrose: I love our filly.

Icicle Storm: So do I.

[they then fade away]

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