This is "We Will Stand For America"/Ryvine and Rothbart sings "No More Mr. Nice Guy" goes in Crash's and Ryan's Adventures of Thomas and Friends: The Great Race.

[Ryan and Gaia are looking at the friends of the engines]

Ryan F-Freeman: [sighs] This mission is going so smoothly, Gloriosa. If that's alright if I call you Gloriosa? In case people would know... Oh man. I put my foot in it, didn't I?

Gaia Everfree: Yeah.

Ryan F-Freeman: How did I became Everfree Prince Gale?

[Gaia whispers in Ryan's ear]

Ryan F-Freeman: I got it now.

Crash Bandicoot: Twilight is fine with Ryan and she's brought back to life, mate. Evil Ryan can use the powers of the Forbidden Arts.

Twilight Sparkle: He's right. Like what Bubsy said. What can possibly go wrong?

[A hooded boy appears from Gaia]

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