(Rachel make noise of disgust and turns the water off)

Rachel: What's wrong with the water?

Harry: What is it?

Rachel: Must be a broken pipe?

(She offers the glass of strange water)

(He smells it)

Harry: Where's the town's water supply?

Rachel: Why?

(In Graham's room)

(Rachel turns the light on)

Rachel: Pooh. Ash. Wake up.

(Ash wakes up)

Ash: Yes, Aunt Rachel?

Rachel: We got the problem.


(Rachel's car drive and Elliot, with the heroes, flies to the water's supply)

(Harry and Rachel come out of the car)

Rachel: It's right up there.

(They walk to it)

(Rachel uses the key to the water's supply and unlocks it)

(They enter it)

Pooh: Ugh! It stinks in here.

Rachel: What's that smell? It smells like sulfur. There.

Harry: Yeah. Sulfur dioxide. I saw the same thing in the Philippines on Mount Pinatubo before she blew. This mountain is a ticking bomb. Come on, let's go.

(The heroes get out of the water's supply)

(When they arrive at the hotel, Harry goes to the room #8 where Paul is asleep and knocks the door)


(Paul wakes up and opens the door to let Harry in)

Harry: I've got that scientific evidence you need.

Paul: Harry, what are you doing here?

(Harry enters the bathroom and turns the water on to prove it with the glass)

Harry: I've just come from the town's water supply. (turns the water off and offers the glass to Paul) It's the same.

Paul: (sniffs the water) Oh, my God.

(Next morning)

(In the computer room)

Harry: The quakes are beginning to swarm. Got a 2.4.

Greg: Gas readings are going up, too. It's not good. That is not good.

Nancy: Look at this one.

Paul: (calling on the phone) Sir, is that the best you can do for us? Yes, sir. All right, thanks. I appreciate it. (to Pooh and friends and Harry's friends) The National a Guard can't be here until tomorrow.

Cindy: Can no one help us?

Stan: How much time do you think we've got, Harry?

Harry: Don't know. It's too early to tell.

Paul: Call the mayor. Have her put the town on alert. I'll call the F.A.A.

Harry: Okay.

(Harry begins to call)

Harry: Here we go.

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