This is how "Where you Are" and Moana grown up in Crash, Thomas, and Ryan meet Moana .

[we then see the gang encounter Ryoana]

Ryan Tokisaki: Hi there.

Ryoana: Huh? Who are you?

Ryan Tokisaki: I'm Ryan Tokisaki.

Ryan F-Freeman: And I'm Ryan F-Freeman.

Odette: I'm Odette. Princess Odette. Ryan's friend and teacher.

Nighlock: I didn't know Odette is your teacher, Ryan.

Matau T. Monkey: He is.

Ryoana: I am Ryoana.

Ryan F-Freeman: Are you Moana's brother?

Ryoana: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: How did the ocean chose you like Moana?

Ryoana: That only happens when one of them is pure of heart.

Matau T. Monkey: Guess Starscream and I know that, Nighlock. Banana?

(before Nighlock can kindly refuse, Ape Man swipes it and heads to the treetops)

Bertram T. Monkey: Who is that?

Nighlock: That was Ape Man. A superhuman who can obviously turn into a gorilla.

Ryan Tokisaki: Ape Man. I guess Ryoana could wield a Keyblade. Like this one. [Summons his Keyblade that looks like Sora's Kingdom Key and Riku's Soul Eater] Ta da.

(a coconut hits his head and they see it is the work of Ape Man, who starts whistling innocently)

Ryan Tokisaki: Ape Man. I think he throws that.

Sci-Ryan: Yup. I guess Ryafar is reformed like Iago from Aladdin. Besides. I guess Kuryan's Keyblade is called Kuruaxis.

Nighlock: Let's go.

(Ryoana looks at Kuryan's Keyblade and touch it]

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh. You like this thing?

Ryoana: Yes. Are you made from Ti Fiti?

Ryan Tokisaki: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool.

Crash Bandicoot: Let me escort you to Moana.

(Where you are starts playing)

Chief Tui: Moana~

Ryoana: Make way, make way~

Crash Bandicoot: Moana, it's time you knew~

Ryan F-Freeman and Nighlock: The village of Motunui is all you need~

AU Ryan F-Freeman: The dancers are practicing~

Ryan Tokisaki: They dance to an ancient song~

Old Men: Who needs a new song?~

This one's all we need~

Ryan-Ko: This could take a while.

Crash Bandicoot: Oh Primus. This is going to take one orbital cycle.

Ryan F-Freeman: And Nighlock? Do you think Moana and Ryoana are chosen by the ocean?

Nighlock: Shut up, I'm trying to listen to the song.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. [sings] This tradition is our mission~

Sci-Ryan and Red Smoke: And Moana, there's so much to do~

Villagers: (Make way)~

Cody Fairbrother: Don't trip on the taro root, that's all you need~

Chief Tui: We share everything we make~

Villagers: (We make)~