Here is how Emerald escaped in Emerald's Grand Day Out.

Emerald looks at the pictures from Baby's Day Out.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Emerald looked at the pictures. Then, She saw a Pigeon.

Baby Emerald: (in her thoughts) Buh buh.

Emerald crawls to the Pigeon.

Cecil: (wakes up) Wh.. What? (gasps) Arthur! Arthur! Wake up!

Arthur: (still sleeping) No, Ma. I wanna sleep five more minutes.

Cecil: (slaps him in the head) Get up Artie!

Arthur: Huh? Oh, Morning, Cec. What time is it?

Cecil: Artie! The baby's gone!

Arthur: Where did she go?

Meanwhile, Dijon saw Emerald on the roof top.

Baby Emerald: (cross the roff with the plank her size)

Dijon: (climbing the Apartment with the Ladder attached to it) Don't worry, Little Emerald. Dijon is coming!

Baby Emerald: (crawling to the ladder attached to the other appartment)

Dijon: Okay, I'll get her on three. 1, 2, 3! (jumped but missed and fell right into a dumpster full of cardboards and broke his fall)

Baby Emerald: (slides down with the ladder going down and landed softly on Dijon loosing conscious)

Dijon: (dizzyly looking at Emerald) How many baby ponies are there?

Emerald crawled to the bus to Manehattan and stowaway in it.

Cecil: There she goes now, Artie.

Arthur: Cec, Do you think Klang and McGraw would be annoyed with us?

Back with Arthur and Cecil, Thaddeus E. Klang was ticked off.

Thaddeus E. Klang: (gets angry) You Incompetent Bird Brains! You've lost the Infant Unicorn!

Feathers McGraw: (aims his pistol)

Arthur: It wasn't our fault, Klang.

Cecil: Yeah, She must've escaped when we fell asleep.

Thaddeus E. Klang: Give us one good reason why should we spare the both of you!

Feathers McGraw: (pulls the trigger)

Arthur: Because we just saw her got into the bus.

Cecil: Yea, To Manehattan.

Thaddeus E. Klang: Follow that bus! And this time, No more mistakes.

Feathers McGraw: (disarm his pistol)

Arthur: Come on, Cec.

Cecil: Right behind you, Artie.

So, Arthur and Cecil flew off to Manehattan.

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