Here is how the Family Picture Taking takes place in the end of Emerald's Grand Day Out.

Later, It was time for the picture taking for Rarity and her families.

Rarity: Close up, Everypony.

Baby Emerald: (happy gurgling)

Spike: Okay, Boys. Fire away!

Arthur: (showing Emerald the rubber ducky) Okay, Emerald! Watch the Ducky!

Cecil: Say Cheese!

Rarity: Cheese!

Rarity, Spike and Emerald smiled as the camera took the picture.

And so, A few years later, Yuna and Emerald were playing video games with Game Player and Game Facer.

Princess Yuna: All right, We're gonna win.

Emerald: Yes!

Voice: (in video game) You are a winner!

Game Facer: Yeah!

Game Player: High Hooves! (as the twins high hooves their cousin and friend)

Luna and Hiro were keeping their eye on the foals.

Princess Luna: It certainly is a special time for Yuna.

Hiro: And how.

Luna and Hiro kissed and Luna looked at the audience and winked.

                                                                                     The End

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