Here is how Months ago and Star Swirl and Thomas spoke goes in Yuna and the Desolation of Malefor.

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Months ago, We view Prince Thomas entering the old cottage where Star Swirl the Bearded was waiting.

Titanic: (narrating) Few years ago after the lost of Orionis to Malefor, The Dark Master Dragon, Thomas felt despair that no help would come to him to save his kingdom. And now, He meets with the Unicorn Wizard, Star Swirl the Bearded for hope to come again.

(Then, Star Swirl came up to Thomas)

Thomas: Thank you, Star Swirl. For everything.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Remember, Prince Thomas. Never lose faith in Princess Yuna or her friends, Nor your own son.

Titanic: (narrating) And now. Our little heroes are on there way to defeat Malefor and reclaim Orionis.

(We see the title)

Then, We view Princess Yuna and her Company trying to avoid The Pure Ones who're lurking every night.

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