Here is how Code Red introduces Team Natsu and the Apocalyptic Duo to the Autobot Base and a new adventure goes in Crash, Thomas, and Ryan meet Moana 2 weeks later.

(we then see the rock hiding the Autobot base)

(we then see the Red Ship flying through the air)

[it lands on top of the rock]

Ryan F-Freeman: Welcome to the Autobot base.

Natsu Dragneel:(looks around) There's nothing here.

Nighlock: A perfect deception for the enemy.

[he leads them to the elevator as Malfunction takes the Autobot Elevator]

Ryan F-Freeman: And here... we... are.

[the elevator opens up]

[Code Red, Ryan, Team Natsu, and the Apocalyptic Duo step out and see the Autobots]

Evil Ryan: Hey, guys, we're back!

[the Autobots turn to them as Malfunction finally arrives]

Crash Bandicoot: I guess Megatron is not in Siam when we saw Anna.

Jack Darby: [off screen] He's busy at the moment.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. If you had something. I needed that.

Ratchet: You're a little late for that part, Ryan.(points at Miko) She already did that.

Miko Nakadai:(ignores him)

Erza Scarlet: I don't approve of there being children here.

Nighlock: We either blame Miko or Wade for it.

Miko Nakadai and Deadpool: Hey!

Nighlock: It's true.

Major Malfunction:(to Optimus) So, where is the Big M?

Optimus Prime: Out looking for portals for more adventures. It's been very quiet, the boringness of the silence got to him.

Happy: Who's Megatron?

Flash Fire: Long story.

Crash Fire: Not easy to explain.

Flash Fire: Was evil.

Crash Fire: But now...

Flash Fire and Crash Fire: He's reformed.

Nighlock:(teasingly) You know, it's really cute how you two finish each other's sentences. Just like FitzSimmons.

(suddenly, the computers blink, signifying they have a message)

Ratchet:(checks it) Megatron is reporting.

Optimus Prime: Put him through.

(Doctor Crash appears on screen]

Nighlock: So, Doctor, where's Megatron?

Doctor Crash: He's on his way now.

[The TARDIS appears and Doctor Crash comes out with a tiny Megatron]

Doctor Crash: Sorry he can't fit in my TARDIS. So. I use my shrink gun to make him the size of a mini Cody from Total Drama.

Ant-Man (Scott Lang):(uses one of his blue disks to return Megatron to normal size)

Ryan Tokisaki: Thanks, Scott.

(Megatron walks up to Optimus and holds out a book)

Megatron: I found this in some ancient ruins in Hawaii.

Doctor Crash: It was me who found it.

Megatron: Oh. Doctor Crash found this.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hawaii? Where Lilo and Stitch are?

Megatron: Yes.

Ryan Tokisaki: Let me see. [Looks at a book] Hmmm. It appears to be a key to the portals to other worlds. Including this one, Odette's world, Okoto, Cybertron and a bunch of others we don't need to mention.

Matau T. Monkey: I think we could sail on the seas. [looks at the camera] Umarak is not in this film. Right?

Deadpool: Nope. He not is in it. For once, I had nothing to do with it.

Nighlock:(uses his powers to activate the portal)

Matau T. Monkey: Madam?

Shadowcat: Thank you.

Nighlock: Wait. She's not doing that.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait a sec. Rule number 1..

[Deadpool was about to answer then Kuryan stops him]

Ryan Tokisaki: Hold on. Come on, Nighlock. You got to remember.

Sci-Ryan: Always listen to Ryan.

Nighlock:(rolls his eyes)

(they then head inside the portal as everything goes black)

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