The international cures is from happiness charge pretty cure. in episode 8 appears like the other cures from another contury. and episode 28 appears with ohana and olina the hawaiian cures.

International Cures

Color Name
Cure Sunset Ohana (Leilani)
Cure Wave Olina (Noelani)
Cure Rodeo
Cure Shireff
Cure Feather
Cure Earl
Cure Graphics
Cure Technology
Cure Nile
Cure Matador
Cure Continental
Cure Katyasha
Cure Southern Cross
Cure Pantaloni
Cure Gonna
Cure Jungle
Cure Shelly
Cure Legales
Cure Peony
Cure Aquamarine
Cure Delien
Cure Lily
Cure Emerald
Cure Chocolate
Cure Olive
Cure Lucky
Cure Fashion
Cure Violet
Cure Einheit
Cure Freiheit
Cure Shine
Cure Platinum
Cure Tranquil

Other Japan Cures

Color Name
Cure Tender Hikawa Maria (Maria Destien)
Cure Mirage Otohime Yui (Cheryl Rose)
Cure Illusion Yamada Chieko (Dora Johnson)



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