Kazemon, Beetlemon and Socerymon saw three dark Digimon

Kazemon: A Dark Digimon, who look exactly like Kumamon, Kotemon Bearmon? You're the one's who they told us.

????: Oh. Them? Tell us. something. Have they decided to fight us yet?

Beetlemon: Why do you ask?

???? 2: We'll be asking this. And why wouldn't I? After all, between them and us... We're the only one who will walk away from here alive.

They're gonna fight them

Socerymon: Ask that Question Again!

They defeated them

All: (Panting)

Kazemon: Now who are you then?

They are gonna remove it and then they Laugh, they back away from them

????m3: Not bad at all. Good job. We'll keep you around. Never hurts to have a backup.

They disappeared

Beetlemon: We have to stop him.

Kazemon: Yeah. Before anything else happens to our Friends?

Kotemon: Socerymon! Kazemon! Beetlemon!

They saw Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon coming

Socerymon: Boys? Were you able to find them?

Kumamon: We did, but... They left.

Beetlemon: Oh...

They look down

Kazemon: But we can't stay here.

Kotemon: Then let's go together.

Kazemon: No, I don't want you or your friends to come with us.

Kumamon: But we have to go with you.

Beetlemon: No, you can't. Do as we say and go home.

All: (Sigh)

Bearmon: Why won't you let us?

Socerymon: We don't want to put you in harm's way. You understand?

They have their Armor and they left Raident Garden

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