This is where we return to the present month in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

Sunset Shimmer: Wow Tino! This is the best spot in the whole world.

Tino: I kept it a surprise for us to have a picnic.

Sunset Shimmer: [kisses Tino] Thank you.

Tino: Well ……you’re….welcome

[Tino and Sunset started eating their food]

[Fluttershy sees them on top of the hill, jealous of Tino loves Sunset more than her.]

[Tino finds a letter from Twilight Sparkle]

Tino: Uh? A letter? [reading] Dear Tino,

I have find something in front of my door. It is a package with something in it. It might belong to you. Come to my house immediately. 

Your friend Princess Twilight Sparkle

Tino: Alright, let’s see what inside the package, Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Okay, Tino.

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