This is how AU Ryan F-Freeman discovers the TARDIS and Sci-Ryan and friends goes in The Solar Flare Legend.

[Meanwhile in an AU version of the Equestria Girls universe]

[At the Café]

[Patrons arguing]

AU Kylo Ren: What?!

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: [vocalizing]

AU Rainbow Dash: [sighs] That was barely worth the effort, Rarity. Ryan and I are tired of fast food. We need a meal.

AU Rarity: The energy in this world isn't the same as in Equestria, Rainbow Dash.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. We can only gain so much power here.

AU Rainbow Dash: Ugh! I wish we haven't been banished to this awful place.

AU Rarity: Oh really, darling? I love it here.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: I love it too. Actually, we don't. We're actually being sarcastic.

AU Pinkie Pie: You do, Ryan? Something tells me that I think this place is the worst.

AU Rainbow Dash: But I think you're the "worst", Pinkie Pie.

AU Pinkie Pie: Oh yeah, Rainbow Dash? I think you're...

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Oi. I'll tell you one thing, Rarity. Being stuck here with those two is not making this world anymore [through clinched teeth] bearable.

AU Rarity: You and me both, Ryan.

[AU Ryan nods and notice a rift being open outside]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: A dimensional rift!?

[Cody and Gwen fly out and land on the ground. AU Ryan and AU Rarity runs outside and see a blue Police phone box appears out of nowhere]

AU Ryan F-Freeman:[as his pendant shimmers] [Gasps] Did you see that? [smiles like Adagio] Do you know what that is?

[The Darlings shrug for "I don't know."]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: It's the time machine known as the TARDIS!

AU Rainbow Dash: How you know, Ryan? You watch Doctor Who?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Rainbow Dash.

AU Rainbow Dash: But the TARDIS doesn't exist in this world.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: It does now. And we're going to use it to make everyone in this world and so many other worlds adore us.

[Oswald, the 12th Doctor and Sci-Ryan comes out of the TARDIS]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Where are we, Cody?

[Cody shrugs]

12th Doctor: Who's that chap with these girls, Sci-Ryan?

[Sci-Ryan walks up to the Darlings]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Who's that, Rarity? A Crystal Prep student?

[AU Rarity studies Sci-Ryan carefully]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Rarity?

AU Rarity: Yep. I knew that this chap is a Crystal Prep student.

[AU Ryan looks at Oswald the Lucky Rabbit]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: What's this rabbit, traveler?

Cody Fairbrother: He's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. [to Gwen] You still got Ryan's crown, Gwen?

[Gwen nods]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Hi, Gwen. Name's Ryan.

[Cody gasps]

Gwen: What?

12th Doctor: I think this boy has the same name like the Prime-prince we know, Gwen.

[Sci-Ryan looks at AU Rarity and hugs her]

Sci-Ryan: Hello. I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you, miss.. Rarity?

[AU Rarity nods and kisses Sci-Ryan]

AU Pinkie Pie: You seeing this, Rainbow Dash? Maybe we can help those travelers.

[AU Rainbow Dash nods]

Sci-Ryan: Ok. We need you four to join our team. We are trying to stop a prophecy from happening.

[AU Ryan nods and looks at his amulet on his chest]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? What are you looking at?

[AU Ryan smiles and points at his amulet]

Sci-Ryan: My amulet? I hope you know that like Ryan and the Dazzlings, you and your three friends have been known to sing from time to time.

[AU Ryan looks at him]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Uh... Sci-Ryan? Something tells me that they sing all the time. It's how they get bad guys to do what they want.

[Sci-Ryan looks at Oswald sternly]

Gwen: What did he say? He said bad guys.

[Cody holds up a sign that says "What Oswald meant to say was that we have friends from the other universe and you four will be happy to meet them."]

Gwen: Yeah. What that sign said what he meant to say. That's what he meant.... to say.

[AU Pinkie Pie look at Ryan's crown on Gwen's head]

AU Pinkie Pie: Wow! Nice crown. You think the Ryan from your universe is a Prime and a prince?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Yes, Pinkie. He's also the second leader of a band called the Dazzlings.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: The Dazzlings?

AU Rainbow Dash: I know a perfect name for our band. The Darlings. But who are the Dazzlings?

Sci-Ryan: It's a name of their musical group, Rainbow Dash. I hope we can see Sunset Shimmer of Crystal Prep.

[Sci-Ryan looks at the pendants]

Sci-Ryan: Wow! These look so pretty. Ryan have a pendant like yours but the gem is blue.

[Sci-Ryan reaches for AU Rarity's pendant]

Gwen: Don't touch it, Sci-Ryan.

12th Doctor: That pendant means a lot to her.

[Sci-Ryan remembers what Adagio did to Sunset]

Sci-Ryan: Sorry about that, Rarity. These pendants mean a lot to you and your friends. You hate for anything to happen to them.

AU Rarity: It's ok, darling.

Cody Fairbrother: I know, Rarity. I'm Cody. I got a reputation at Canterlot High.

[AU Rarity smiles and looks at Cody in his she-demon form]

AU Rarity: Whoa!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Reminds me of Twilight playing Sunset's role.

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Did you say Twilight Sparkle, Oswald?

[Cody nods looking confused]

Sci-Ryan: At least my Crystal Prep friends are in the TARDIS.

[The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts come out]

Lemon Zest: Hi, Ryan and... Ryan?!

Sour Sweet: Am I seeing double?

12th Doctor: Yes, Sour Sweet. But this Ryan is an Equestrian Siren.

[Sour Sweet and Sci-Ryan scratch their heads]

Timothy (Non-ghost Engine version): Wow!

Sci-Ryan: Tim? You see Sunset?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: My friends and I did saw Sunset on TV, Sci-Ryan and Tim. In the Equestria Girls movie, Sunset Shimmer is a princess.

[Timothy gasps and faints]

Sci-Ryan: What? Too soon?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Yep. I got an apple for you.[shows Sci-Ryan a apple] Here it is, Ryan.

[Sci-Ryan looks at the apple and he eats it]

AU Ryan F-Freeman: WOW! How do you eat like this?

Sci-Ryan: I just saw a apple and decided to eat it.

12th Doctor: In our universe, Twilight Sparkle used a spell on Sci-Ryan and turns him into a vampire fruit batboy.

[Sci-Ryan smiles and puts his hands on his bat wings]

AU Pinkie Pie: Ryan? Yoo-hoo! Ryan!

Sci-Ryan: What?

AU Pinkie Pie: How come you got wings and know about the prophecy?

Sci-Ryan: Twilight used a spell on me. Plus, it was because of a strange book that Thomas read.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: I hope you'll meet Ryan. Who banished you and your three friends to here?

[AU Ryan holds a sign that says "We are banished to this place by Alpha Trion and his friend Orion Pax."]

Sci-Ryan: Wow! I guess you four can help us.

[The Darlings nods and starts to sing]

The Darlings: Ah, ahh-ahh, ah, ahh~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ah, ahh~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ah, ahh~

Ah, ahh-ahh, ah, ahh~

[The song Battle of the Bands starts playing]

AU Rarity: We heard you want to get together~

AU Ryan F-Freeman: We heard you want to rock this world~

AU Rarity: We thought of something that is better~

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Something that changes all the rules~

Why pretend we're all the same~

AU Rarity and AU Ryan F-Freeman: When some of us shine brighter~

AU Pinkie Pie and AU Rainbow Dash: Shine brighter~

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Here's your chance to find your flame~

AU Rarity: Are you a loser or a fighter?~

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition~

Are you afraid of failing the audition~

AU Ryan F-Freeman: You're a star and you should know it~

Yeah, you rise above the rest~

AU Rarity: It doesn't matter who you hurt~

If you're just proving you're the best~

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Ahh~ Ahh, ahh, ahh~


You wanna win it~

Let's have a battle~

Battle of the bands~

Let's have a battle~

We'll go all in it~

Let's have a battle, battle, battle~

Battle of the bands~


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: That's cool!

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Battle!~

12th Doctor: They're good, Oswald.

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Battle!~

Cody Fairbrother: Yep.

The Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Battle!~

Sci-Ryan: Let's sing with them, Sly!

Sly Cooper, Oswald, Cody, Sci-Ryan, the Darlings and AU Ryan F-Freeman: Me and you, you and me~

Why don't we see who is better~

We don't have to be one in the same thing~

Oh, what's so wrong with a little competition~

Ryan's Sirens: I'm going out and winning the audition~

Sci-Ryan: Battle~

We wanna win it~

Gwen, Bentley and the Darlings: Let's have a battle~

Battle of the Bands~

AU Ryan and the Darlings: Let's have a battle~

We'll go all in it~

The Darlings, Cody, Sci-Ryan, AU Ryan and 12th Doctor: Let's have a battle, battle, battle~

Battle of the bands~

Bentley: Wow! How did they sing that good?

Gwen: Because of the gems. Duh.

Sci-Ryan: Gems? Are you four sirens or something?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: In Equestria, yes. In this world, humans with Siren powers.

Sci-Ryan: Wow! You four sang beautifully. Why are you wearing these hoodies?

AU Pinkie Pie: It's how we looked when we first came obviously.

12th Doctor: Well spotted, Pinkie Pie.

Sci-Ryan: Maybe I can buy some clothes for you and your three friends, Rainbow Dash.

AU Rainbow Dash: Yep.

Sci-Ryan: I'm sure that your magic works on Tino and our friends but you need to look the part. I think we need something with style and.. shall I say.. EYE catching?

AU Rarity: You just took the words right out of my mouth.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Really, Sci-Ryan? By the look of it, you sound a bit like Adagio.

Sci-Ryan: Yes, Oswald. I heard Wubcake read one of the FIM Fictions called "A New Look".

Timothy (Non-Ghost engine version): Yep.

Sci-Ryan: Let's go shopping for clothes.

[Sci-Ryan sets off with AU Ryan and the Darlings to find a shop that sells clothes]

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Ryan. You know about the TARDIS?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. That stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

Sci-Ryan: You're good. Are you born as a siren or made?

AU Ryan F-Freeman: Uhh... Born.

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