They went to the secret waterway and they saw Lexi

Lexi: What a mysterious mural.

Ace went there and he got a new gear

Ace: Let's go back and join the others. We should rest up.

Lexi: Alright. A light at the end of the Tunnel.

Ace: Oh, you grandma's story, right.

Lexi: That's right. We were together.

Ace: You know something strange. I look everywhere for you, and you were with me all along. Finally, we're together, Lexi. Now it's time to get Duck and the others back.

Lexi: You know, our team is missing. And youll think it'll be the same again between us? Duck's lost his...

Ace: When I turned into a Heartless. You saved me, remember? I was lost in the darkness. I couldn't find my way. As I stumbled through the dark, I started to forgetting thing, my friends and who I was. The darkness almost swallowed me. But then I heard a voice-- your voice. You brought me back.

Lexi: I don't want to lose you again, Ace. I don't.

Ace: That's it! Our hearts are connected. And the light from our hearts broke through the darkness. I saw the light. I think that's what saved me. No matter how deep the darkness a light shines within. I guess it's more than just a fairy tale.

Lexi: Well, let's go.

Ace: Sorry, Lexi. But you can't come.

Lexi: Why not?

Ace: Well, there are many Heartless out there. And they will take your heart away.

Lexi: You know we are Guardians of the Universe.

Ace: I know. But it's way too dangerous.

Lexi: Come on, Ace. We made it this far by sticking together. You can't go alone without me.

Ace: Lexi, even if we're apart. We're not alone anymore? Right?

Lexi: I can't help?

Ace: Yeah, you kinda be in my way.

Lexi: Alright, you win. And take this.

She gave him a Lucky Charm

Lexi: It's my Lucky Charm. Be sure you bring it back to me.

Ace: Don't worry, I will.

Lexi: Promise?

Ace: Promise.

Lexi: Don't ever forget, wherever you go I'm always with you.


Duck is walking in the Darkness and then he's glowing

Duck: Ace... Lexi... I'm sorry. Is this the afterworld? I'm not ready yet. Not yet. Not until I see Ace and Lexi one more time...

?????: Duck! Hold on tight!

??????: (Gibberish)

?????: Don't worry, Duck. Well be here soon.

?????: We'll be here soon, too.

Duck: Tech? Rev? Slam? Where are you? And who is this?

?????: We were with a bunny who looks like Ace.

?????: And I have the other sword-- the one that belong to this world.

?????: We've been trying to get through to you. But the darkness in your heart kept us away.

Duck: Tech, Rev. I know. And who's with you? What's happening to me?

?????: Your heart won the battle against darkness, but it was too late for your body. That's why you're here-- in this place of darkness where hearts are gathered.

Duck: So what do I do?

?????: The Door of darkness will open soon, but it's a door we can't enter. It has to be closed from both sides. To do this, you need two sword and two hearts. Maybe you're here for the same reason I am. Maybe it was fate.

Duck: Date? You seem to know everything, don't you? Then tell me: Are Ace and Lexi okay?

?????: Don't you feel the echoes of their hearts? You already know the answer. Look inside your own heart.

Duck: Okay.

Back to our Heroes

Giroro: You found it? All right, I'll tell Tororo and Kululu fix your Train.

He left and he come back

Giroro: All set! You can get going any time. Ace, I have to say, I wish you didn't have to face all this danger.