A Chinese Lesson is a song from Total Drama: World Tour.



Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: World Tour

[Ryanosa Daisy]
A little Chinese lesson for you
Manman Chi means "Enjoy your meal"
[Everyone (except Meg, Courtney and Sierra)]
Manman Chi. It's no raw deal
[Sci-Ryan and Mike]
Is it roasted eel?
[Ryanosa Daisy]
Manman Chi means Bon appetite.
[Ryan F-Freeman, Alejandro, Cyberlings, Matau, Duncan, Heather and Blaineley]
Manman Chi. What do we have to eat?
[Ryan F-Freeman]
It's still moving it's feet?!
[Ryanosa Daisy]
Manman Chi. It's dinner for four
[Ryan F-Freeman, Alejandro, Cyberlings, Matau, Duncan and Blaineley]
Manman Chi. We've got room for more
I think we're really done for
[Ryanosa Daisy]
Manman Chi. Don't get the squirts
[Ryan F-Freeman, Alejandro, Cyberlings, Matau and Blaineley]
Manman Chi. We'd rather eat our shirts
[Ryan Tokisaki]
Wait! Stop!
[Alejandro, Cyberlings, Matau and Blaineley]
Manman Chi. (off-key) Manman Chi-i-i-i
[Ryanosa Daisy]
They love to eat on the Yangtze
Manman Chi. Manman.... Huh?
[Alejandro and Blaineley]
(Gags and vomits)
[Ryan F-Freeman and Sierra]
Cody's (Meg's) in first class with us and our "love-me" Tea!


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