A Connecting Dream

(Kyle's memories play through his head)

Kelly: Zoe.

(Kyle awakens on the Destiny Islands, and yawns)

Kyle: Whoa!

(Kelly giggles)

Kyle: Give me a break, Kel--!

(Kyle and Rico race on the beach)

Rico: Giving up already?

(The three overlook the ocean at twilight)

Rico: If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?

(Kyle gazes at his chalk drawing of him and Kairi in the Secret Place)

???: This world has been connected.

(Kyle gets up in distress.)

Kyle: Wh-who's there?

???: Tied to the darkness...

(Kyle and Kelly watch the ocean on the dock)

Kelly: Kyle, don't ever change.

Rico: The door has opened...

(Rico offers his outstretched hand to Kyle. Kyle runs to him but is stopped by darkness)

Kyle: What?

(Kyle stands and faces Darkside)

???: You understand nothing.

(The door behind Kelly in the Secret Place blows her towards Kyle, who readies to catch her)

Kelly: Ky...le...

(Kelly vanishes as Kyle catches her. Kyle and Zoe were blown out of the tunnel)

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