This is how the curfew goes in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

[Cut to Del Spooner riding a motorcycle]

Spooner: Call base.

[John answers the phone]

John: Hello.

Spooner: John. get a squad over to USR and send somebody to Gigi's. We're gonna need...

John; Spooner, did I [phone went out] Hello?

Spooner: God...

[Spooner sees a traffic and he rides in the middle of the traffic]

NS-5s: Please return to your homes, a curfew is in affect. Please return to your homes, a curfew is in affect. Please return to your homes, a curfew is in affect.

Farber: Curfew? No. it's called civilian rights. There is no curfew.

NS-5: Return to your home immeditly.

Farber: When do you make the rules. robot?

[The NS-5 turns away and continues walking]

Farber: Hey. No. no. Robot. I'm talking to you. man. Stop for a second.

[The NS-5 pushes him into the crowd]

[Hound fires at the NS-5s]

Hound: We're getting boxed in! We're getting flanked everywhere! Help me out here! Kill anything that moves! Come on, Tino, shoot! Come and get some, you little dick! Incoming!

Shido: [growls] I can't believe Tohka and I are involve this!

Tino: Here. Be my guest. Take the gun. Go ahead, take it. Come on, you can lead.

Shido: No, I don't wanna take the gun!

Tohka: Shido says he doesn't want the gun!

Tino: Then stay under there and shut up!

Tohka: Don't ever talk to my Shido like that!

Tino: [fires his machine at the NS-5s]

[Cut to the police station]

Lt. John: What?

Police Officer #1: Chief. more calls. People saying their robots are go--

Police Officer #2: What the hell?

NS-5s: You have been deemed hazardous. Termination authorized.

[They attacking the officers and one of them is trying to attack John, but he gets his gun and shots each one of them, and one of them showed up and John is tried to shot it, but the robot attacked him.]

Newsman: Emergency traffic shutdown complete. Reports of robot attacks are coming from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. We're being told to urge people to stay indoors, as reports are coming in-- [the power shuts down]

NS-5s: Human protection protocols are being enacted.

NS-5s: Please remain calm and return to your residences immediately.

[Calvin is about to leave the house until the NS-5 appeared out of nowhere]

NS-5: Please remain calm.

[Calvin tries to open the door but the NS-5 won't let her]

NS-5: Please refrain from going near the windows or doors.

Calvin: Deactivate. Commence emergency shutdown!

[The NS-5 pushes Calvin in the chair]

NS-5s: We are attempting to avoid human losses during this transition.

[Spooner comes and shots the robot with his machine gun]

Spooner: You know. somehow "I told you so" ...just doesn't quite say it.