This is how a drink of hot cocoa goes in The Christmas Express.

Jack Skellington: Who wants some Hot Cocoa!?

Foals and kids: Me!

Jack Skellington: I thought so, Emerl! Gmerl! Yoshi! Donkey Kong! Time we serve some Hot Cocoa!

Then, the song begins.

The Foals and Children cheered.

Chris Griffin: Yay! I love that song!

Jack Skellington: Did everyone enjoyed their Hot Cocoa?

Princess Yuna: We sure did!

Snowdrop: It was Delicious!

Nyx: Good!

Stary: I love it!

Lisa Simpsons: So, Yuna, How far do you think we'll get to Christmas Town?

Princess Yuna: Well, It should be as far as going to the North Pole.

Snowdrop: I hope we'll be there soon.

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