They found Ratchet and Clank in a Cell

Qwark: We found them! Don't worry, you guys! I'll save you!

They didn't hear anything

Antuari: Why didn't I heard anything?

Ratchet point at the Intercom

Antuari: Hmm... Looks like it's broken.

Qwark: Those guys are my team! Ratchet and Clank want to join the Galactic Rangers, so they joined us today. And now I'm gonna get them out!

He open the Cell, and then Clank look at Antuari

Clank: Fascinating. You look like a Robot like me.

Antuari: I am.

He saw a Antuari's Wayfinder and he grab it

Clank: What's this?

Antuari: Hey! That's mine!

Ratchet: It's that yours?

Antuari: Yes. It was a Give from my Team.

Clank: You're Team?

Antuari: Yes. She gave it to me after I left home.

Clank: I see. You can have this back.

He give back to him and they left

Antuari: Strange... That Robot look so smart like... Gibson. I think that Robot have some feeling inside him.

Then something happen behind that cage and then a Monsters has appeared, he is fighting it and he defeated it

Antuari: I guess. I won.

Then he saw Ratchet, Clank and Qwark come back

Antuari: What are you all doing here?

Ratchet: Clank, wants to know what your team is.

Antuari: I should tell you. I'm Antuari.

Clank: You're name is Antuari?

Antuari: Yea. I can't explained Teamwork. When you feel it, you'll know it. 

Clank: I am? So what's next?

Then red alarm has beeping

Qwark: Oh, no! They know we're missing! We have to leave!

They are running away except Antuari

Antuari: Looks like I have to leave now!

He open a Portal and went off somewhere

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