Sci-Ryan: So X-PO will you take us back home?

X-PO: Yes. but first, I have to undo the world and Dimensions that Vortech did. After He done that, I have to gather up the part from many dimensions scattered across each of world and then reconnect them. It might take some time. But I think it might work. No---it will work. I'm sure. It's my turn to keep all dimensions safe.

Ryan: All right. We all really trust you.

Cody: Hey... Wait a Minute, you said that you have to undo the world and Dimensions that Vortech Did. But does that mean...

X-PO: Yes. Everyone you recruit will lose their memories about traveling many dimensions with you. Once all dimensions are restored, they’ll all be separate again. Everyone will go back to where they came from. And forget you all. About traveling many Dimensions with you.

Ryan: What? Then maybe I can come back to see them by using the Gateway.

X-PO: It's not that Simple, Ryan. Before all this, you didn’t know about other Dimensions, right? Because every dimensions was isolated. Impassable walls divided them. Lord Vortech destroyed those walls. But if the worlds return, so will the walls. That mean you can't come back to many dimensions that you been there.

Ryan: So, does that mean they will...

X-PO: If they forget about the adventures with you. But they will remember the time you been there in your past adventures. No matter how long you left, someday, you'll come back to your world. Beside, they will remember about you, even if they wanted to.

Ryan: What's that supposed to mean?

X-PO: It means that

Crash: Ryan, we have to go home. Everyone will recruit and join us will lose their memories about us traveling many Dimensions with them.

X-PO: Ryan, take care of yourself.

Ryan: Yeah.

X-PO: Don't lose your heart.

Matau: Hey. I know how to thank our allies. X-PO can do a message in thier books. It will say... Thank Ryan and the gang.

He, Meg and Cody went to the Portal back home, so does everyone they all went back to their own dimensions

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