Here is how A Happy Family Reunion, Meeting Goliath and his Clan and Only one night left goes in Yuna and the Desolation of Malefor.

Princess Yuna: Look! Mama! Papa!

Snowdrop: Luna! Hiro!

Princess Luna: Yuna! Snowdrop! (hugs her daughters)

Princess Yuna: We've missed you!

Snowdrop: Our friends are here too!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Mom! Daddy!

Princess Twila: Mommy! Daddy! Twilight!

Nyx: Twilight! Flash!

Twilight Sparkle: Lilly! Twila! Nyx! (hugged her daughters)

Flash Sentry: We were beginning to worry!

Human Twilight Sparkle: We've missed you two so much!

Princess Twila: We missed you too!

Princess Cadance: Skyla! Sweetie! Mommy's Here!

Princess Skyla: Mommy! Daddy!

Shining Armor: We've missed you, Skyla!

Thunder Spectrum: Mom! Dad!

Blue Star: Rainbow Dash!

Sunbeam: Mommy! Daddy!

Quaker: Aunt Rainbow Dash! Uncle Lightning!

Rainbow Dash: We've missed you all so much!

Lightning Storm: We're sure glad to see you!

Human Rainbow Dash: Great to see you squirts again!

Arachna: Mommy!

Dragonsly: Daddy! Flutterhsy!

Fluttershy: Oh, Arachna! Dragonsly! My darlings!

Humblebee: We've missed you!

Human Fluttershy: I thought we never see you two again!

Emerald: Mommy! Daddy! Rarity!

Game Player and Game Facer: Aunt Rarity! Uncle Spike!

Rarity: Emerald! Darling! Game Player! Game Facer!

Spike: We've missed you three!

Human Rarity: We all are!

Brownie: Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! Hi, Pinkie Pie!

Red Beret: Mom! Dad! Pinkie Pie!

Hoof Trooper: Boys!

Pinkie Pie: We sure are happy to see you two!

Human Pinkie Pie: You and me both, Pony Me!

Golden Apple: Mama! Daddy! Applejack!

Willow Apple and Apple Feather: Auntie Applejack!

Applejack: We've missed ya gals!

Copper: You were our brave brave filly!

Human Applejack: I knew we'd see y'all again!

Hurricane Cloud: Mom! Dad!

Soarin: Hurricane Cloud!

Spitfire: Great to see ya, Sport!

Princess Jubilee: Mom! Daddy! Trixie!

Trixie: Jubilee! My Sweet Heart!

Prince Blueblood: We sure miss you!

Human Trixie: Good to see you again, Jubilee!

Zeñorita Cebra: Mama! Papa!

Zecora: My Dearest, Zeñorita Cebra! We've missed you, My little Zebra!

Victor: Cómo estás?

Indigo Marble: Mom! Dad!

Maud Pie: (embraced her daughter) Indigo, We've missed you so much!

Cheese Sandwich: Great to see you, Sweetie!

Birthday Bash: Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! (hugged his parents)

Party Favor: Great to see you, Son!

Sugar Belle: We've missed you!

Midnight Sapphire: Mommy! Daddy!

Night Glider: Midnight!

Double Diamond: (as he and his wife hugged their daughter) We're so glad you're safe!

Thomas: Edmond!

Lady: Our son!

Prince Edmond: Mom! Dad!

Josephine: Mommy! Daddy!

Edward: Josephine!

Emily: Sweetheart!

Judy: Daddy! Mommy!

Henry: Judy!

Flora: We're so happy to see you!

Roger: Mom! Dad!

Gordon: Hey, Roger!

Belle: Great to see you!

James: Eliza!

Molly: Sweetie!

Eliza: Mommy! Daddy!

Daffodil: Mom! Dad!

Percy: Daffodil!

Rosie: We've missed you!

Toby: Joshua!

Mavis: Katrina!

Joshua: Mom! Dad!

Katrina: We've missed you!

Angus and Fergus: Mom! Dad!

Donald: Angus!

Douglas: Fergus!

Pip: We've missed you two so much!

Emma: I thought we never see you again!

Orlean: Mommy! Daddy!

Oliver: Orlean!

Annie: We've missed you, Darling!

Toad: Miss Polly!

Clarabel: We've missed!

Polly: I've missed you too, Mom and Dad!

Prince Isamu: (embraces her big sisters)

Princess Luna: That's right, Isamu, It's your big sisters.

Princess Celestia: Indy, Anna, Look, Your big cousins are here.

Prince Indy: (embraces his big cousins)

Princess Anna: (embraces her big cousins)

Human Sunset Shimmer: Look who's here, Yuna?

Prince Derek: Good to see you, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Prince Derek! Princess Odette! Alise!

Alise: Hi, Yuna!

Princess Odette: It's good to see you again!

Titanic: They've come to Gargoy for hospitality.

Princess Yuna: Princess Titanic!

Olympic: We've come to support you, Princess Yuna!

Britannic: Including all of your friends!

Titanic II: And your Company!

Snowdrop: And Queen Olympic, Empress Titanic II and Duchess Britannic!

Prince Edmond: What are you doing here?

Titanic: We all have come to support you and Princess Yuna, Prince Edmond.

Princess Yuna: We're all together again.

That night, They've reached the mansion at Gargoy.

Thomas: Well, here we are.

Titanic: Is this the mansion?

Thomas: Sure. It was once were Lady and I had our Ceremony so that we'd rule Orionis.

Lady: And that, Edmond is before we found the Rainbow Stone in the mountain.

Ishani: (rubs her belly) I hope that our baby will be born safe from any harm.

Britannic: You'll do just fine, Ishani.

Dusty Crophopper: How'd you know about medical care, Britannic?

Britannic: I was the HMHS Britannic ship long ago.

Nyx: John Smith and Cassim. We're so glad to see you guys again.

John Smith: I heard that Yuna and Dusty saved Canterlot from the Jester.

Princess Yuna: You have?

Cassim: Yes, Princess Yuna. And we've come to give our support to you as well.

Dog Spike: That's great to hear.

Olympic: Be careful. Malefor is very dangerous.

Titanic: He'll stop at nothing to destroy all that is good.

Princess Yuna: We have but one more night before the full moon.

Princess Luna: (humming "Beautiful Dreamer" softly to Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (sleeping)

Princess Luna: Snowdrop, Yuna, Remember, You have one more night. Get's some sleep.

Snowdrop: Yes, Luna.

Princess Yuna: Yes, Mama.

Then, Goliath and his clan came out as stones and as warriors.

Princess Yuna: Goliath, Elisa, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Hudson, Angela! Am I glad to see you guys!

Goliath: It is good to see you again, Princess Yuna.

Angela: We've missed you.

Brooklyn: Bronx missed you too.

Bronx: (barks and tackled Yuna and started licking her)

Princess Yuna: (laughs) Okay, Bronx! I missed you too, Boy!

Later, Dusty was getting to concern for Ishani and their baby's safety.

Broadway: What's up with Dusty?

Hudson: I think it's best we'd give the lad some time alone.

Dusty Crophopper: That's okay, Hudson. I don't mind some company for a bit. I was just thinking about Ishani and the baby.

Brooklyn: I'm sure they'll be okay, Dusty.

Prince Derek: Brooklyn's right, Dusty. Ishani will be okay.

Princess Odette: Just keep your hopes up for her and the baby.

Dusty Crophopper: Thanks, Derek. Thanks, Odette.

Alise: Here, Dusty. I've made a flower necklace for you and Ishani.

Dusty Crophopper: That's really sweet of you, Alise. Thank you.

Alise: You're welcome.

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