All the Princesses are here even Lexi and Black Doom is watching them

Black Doom: Hear me, Purest of Heart. Reveal to me the Symbol!

Then all their Heart is going to Heartless symbol up there


Naruto and Ace has appeared in Hallway

Naruto: Be on you're guard. Their close I can feel it. Are you ready for them?

Ace: Yeah.

Then Naruto heard something

Naruto: Sakura!?

He saw her and he got trick from a Heartless, he got so Angry and he ran to the Heartless and the door has closed

Ace: So much for that?

Duck: You don't know how to quit.

Ace: I can't! Not without Lexi!

Duck: The Darkness will destroy you.

He chance his Outfit from the Darkness

Ace: You're wrong, Duck. The Darkness may destroy my body, but it will never touch my heart. My heart will be stayed with my friends. It will never die!

Duck: Really... Well, we'll just see about that!

He aim his Dark Fire to Ace and then he got saved from Wile and Taz

Wile: I'm sorry! But Ace is not going anywhere!

Taz: (Growl)

Duck: You betray your friend?

Wile: Not on your life! But we're not going to betray Ace either, cause he is Bug's Grandson and the Coolest bunny after all we've been through together. See you later, Daffy! Can you tell your friends that we're sorry!

Daffy: Hold on, you guys! We'll tell him together! You disappointed me, Duck! You're siding with the Heartless and the Darkness! Except for Ace, he saved many world and siding the Light. And he is my Best Friend's Grandson.

He went to Ace and his Friends

Daffy: Well, you know. All for one and one for all.

Wile: Looks like you're stuck with us, Ace.

Ace: Thanks a lot. Daffy, Taz, Wile.

Duck: How can you fight without a weapon.

Ace: I still have powers. And I know now I don't need a Sword. I've got a better weapon. My Heart.

Duck: Have! Your heart? What are gonna do? Pull it out and throw at me? And how can a weak little think do to you?

Ace: Although my Heart may be weak, but it's not alone. Its grown to each new experience, and it's found the home with all the friends I've made. I've become a part of their heart just as they've become a part of mine. And if they think of me now and then... if they don't forget me... then our hearts will be one. I don't need a Sword. My friends are my power!

Then the Sword has Vanished from Duck's Hand and then it on Ace's Hand and they Fighting him and then Duck has been Defeated and he run away. Then Naruto is watching them

Naruto: Look like your heart win the Battle.

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