A Kingdom of Your Own is a remake of A Kingdom of My Own from Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy.


[Sunset Shimmer]
You grew up in a kingdom far away
[Matau T. Monkey]
Where all was black and white, and sometimes grey
[Starlight Glimmer]
Your charms were the greatest ever seen
But still, they made your older sister queen
[Ryan F-Freeman]
So you hatched a plot to bring her down
Show them who should wear the crown
They caught you and without a trial
Marooned you on a desert isle
All you sought was a kingdom of your own
Where you could rule from a black and white throne
And your dear sister will finally be outshone
The spotlight was yours and yours alone
That's why you needed a kingdom of your own
[Batman (The LEGO Movie)]
And her jewel, I hate to say
[Cody Fairbrother]
Had to be destroyed so you could stay
[Rigby (EG)]
But someone had to pay the price
So you could have your two-tone paradise
You made her land a kingdom of your own
Where you would rule from a black and white throne
And everybody would finally be outshone
The spotlight would be yours and yours alone
[Everyone and Princess Ivy]
After her dear daddy was overthrown
You've (I've) got some nerve that you (I) deserved
A kingdom of your (my) very own


  • The song is heard again from time to time on Bumblebee's radio.
  • Sometimes the song can be sung

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