A Latias of a Tale is the twenty-seventh episode of the fourth season of The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Roger and his goons capture the baby Latias, because they learn that it can use both Luster Purge, a which Latios and can use. And the baby escapes, so our heroes, Doug, Skeeter, and the gang decided to help the baby find it's parents before Roger finds it first.


The birth of Latias

One night, in a suburban jungle, a male Latias and female Latias were sleeping, till suddenly their egg was shaking which they woke up and then it hatched and there was a baby Latias and it used Luster Purge by sneezing. They were surprise and soon the next day Latios help her control how to use it, and they also played. However, they are being watched by a probe droid along with a couple of boys in a car. Then that night, 2 of them plan a trap for the baby. By tying a corndog to a rope and using a Cofagrigus. And soon the baby Latias come to the end and Cofagrigus uses Hypnosis to make her sleep. And soon, they escape the jungle but however doing that, the baby Latias wakes up and hears the boys talking by killing her, and selling her parts to the Black Market in the trunk. But then she uses Luster Purge to escape.

Finding the Baby Latias

Meanwhile Brian, Nightstriker, Blythe, the pets, and their dragons are having a walk in the woods when suddenly they herd wrestling in the bushes and it was the baby Latias! Brian tries to help her, but she fires a Luster Purge at her and he was very surprised by seeing it because Latias can only use Mist Ball, and Latios can only use Luster Purge! Then when she was about to fire again, it was stopped by 2 boys and they try to calm her down but she flies away into a tree. They follow it but are keeping quiet, but suddenly it was disturbed by a Flameflower and it was from a Torkoal, belonging from Boomer Bledsoe and with him was Ned Cauphee and explain they rare Pokémon's parts to the black market to make money, but thanks to Brian's force push they get away.



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