Everyone is here in the Living room of the Griffin House and Lois is crying and everyone look so sad about Brian and Stewie

Lois: Everyone, I truly want to thank you for your support and remind you that, as far as casseroles go, we're good on pasta, but we could use some more dessert items. (Crying) Oh, I miss my Baby so much, and I'm more of a chocolate person than a fruit person.

Ryan: (Crying) Brian! Stewie! I'm so sorry, I let this happen to you! (crying)

Peter: There, there... We all know how you feel.

Meg: I feel your pain, Ryan. My Odette. My little pony.

Chris: As if, I'm gonna miss those Too!

Sunset: I'm so sad, that they're gone

Quagmire: Not for me.

Joe: This a bad day for them

Cleveland: Looks like we'll never see them again.

They so sad about their friends, Except Quagmire. He is watching football game on his phone

Next Week

Matau T. Monkey: Brian and Stewie. I will avenge you.

Bertram T. Monkey: We could make a memorial. Ryan got rid of Vortech's darkness that he channaled.

Matau T. Monkey: No. Vortech succumbed to the darkness. Just like when a man took Princess Aurora's heart of light. We can't go without the two. We are alone.

Bertram T. Monkey: Then don't. You can come with your Master and friends.

Matau: You mean it?

Bertram: Look. Optimus you see is scared of darkness, he too have sucummed. Not to darkness. But, to light. It shines so bright, it's because of our friendship. And our friends. Thier light shine too bright. I think that they cast shadows in Vortech's heart. Ryvine's brother. He is to blame! Light and darkness are a balance. Matau. Your master Ryan is the one who shows the real Mark of Mastery but that baby and dog refuse to see it. And I know why. It is because they fear him.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. [smiles] Master Ryan did see Kurumi and thinks she's cute.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yup. I hope that we will have Keyblades of our own. We should join forces with Ryan and friends. You and I can do the worlds much more good.

[Matau and Bertram hold hands]

Bertram T. Monkey: By wielding light and darkness in equal shares.

Matau T. Monkey: Brother. You do know how to cheer someone up.

[Bertram nods]

Bertram T. Monkey: Go with our friends and us. See more worlds. Seek out the darkness that tips the balance. Find some allies. And bring them to Yen Sid. For your master, Ryan.

Matau T. Monkey: Okay, you got it.

[Meanwhile, Bertram looks at a building]

Female voice: Hey! Dark Hero!


Kurumi Tokisaki: You said Vortech can't get Ryan! He didn't sign up to be a puppet. No how! As if!

[Bertram summons his Void Gear Keyblade]

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