Komasan and Komajiro is using a Book to control the Magic and the Star, Damemon look so amaze

Damemon: Wow.

He saw a Dream Eater from Traverse Town coming, he's gonna fight it, but the Dream Eater hit him and send him to the Tower

Damemon: Is this. Am I back in Yen Sid Tower and something seems strange?

He saw Komasan and Komajiro control the book and the darkness is flowing around them

Damemon: Komajiro! Komasan!

He saw a Music Note covered in Darkness

Damemon: Is that what's troubling him? Here goes nothing

He is gonna slash it, but he got backfired

Komasan (Voice) Whoa, is that.. a Digimon? Who are you an apprentice too? I'm Komasan and this is my brother Komajiro, we are the sorcerer apprentice. And who are you?

Damemon: Apprentice? Am I in the World that Komasan and Komajiro become a guardian? So does this world is sleeping?

Komajiro: (Voice) What did you say, Zura?

Damemon: Oh, um... Nothing... I'm Damemon. The, uh, apprentices to... Um... Uh... Hey. Listen, Komasan, Komajiro. How can I do to save you?

Komasan: (Voice) Thank you, Komasan. But it's no use. The monster is possessed that music. And he's releasing darkness that stops anybody from going in there to fight him. To dispel the Darkness, we need to get a Sound idea.

Damemon: So that Dream Eater is making you trapped inside? Okay. Where do I get a "Sound Idea"?

Komajiro: (Voice) Huh? You'll find one for us, Zura?

Damemon: Of course.

Komasan: (Voice) Thank you.

Damemon: It's not every day we get to do a favor from you guys.

Komajiro: (Voice) Wait, what?

Damemon: Oh, nothing. It's a long story. So what exactly is a Sound idea?

Komasan: (Voice) Alright...

He saw another Music Score coming

Komasan: (Voice) Inside that Music Score should be a power that can wash away any darkness. But, you need to be careful. In between those costs and notes are monsters- not as strong as the big one but still pretty strong.

Damemon: Okay.

He went inside the Music scores

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