Tech and Duck are here in Yen Sid's Tower and they saw a Flood

Duck: Water?

Tech: Is this a Flood? Hmm... It's coming from upstairs.

They went upstair and they saw Bugs

Both: Bugs!

They saw the Music Score covered in Darkness

Duck: That Darkness has taken over that Music Score? And have him trap?

Tech: Looks like we have to destroy it.

Bugs: (Voice) You cannot fight the Darkness with brute force. I'm Bugs, the Sorcerer second apprentice. Who are you, two?

Duck: Danger Duck?

Tech: Tech? If brute force didn't work, tell us what we can do?

Bugs: Do you think you could try and help me?

Duck: Of Course, we will. Buddy.

Bugs: Boy, you guys, something tells me that you and Tech are related to my friends, and we can help each other it a lot someday.

Then another Music Score has appeared

Bugs: Inside this Music is a Sound Idea powerful enough to dispel the Darkness. Can you find it?

Duck: Don't worry. I'll get that Sound Idea for you.

Tech: What about me?

Duck: Sorry.

They went inside the Music Score and search for the Sound Idea

Minute's Later

They found a Sound Idea and they went into them, then everything went Black and They fell down to the Abyss

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