The way A New Prince goes in Thomas and Lady's New Son.

Months later.

Lady: (after her water broke) Thomas, It's time!

Thomas: The baby foal?

Lady: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: We better get her to the Hospital while we still can, Are you and Hiro going to be okay, Luna?

Princess Luna: Of course we will.

Hiro: Good luck, You two!

Thomas: Thanks, Hiro, Ready to go, Lady?

Lady: (catching her breaths) I'm always ready, Thomas.

At the hospital.

Baby Edmond: (crying)

Nurse Redheart: It's a colt!

Lady: Our son is born!

Thomas: Thanks for you help, Nurse Redheart.

Nurse Redheart: Anytime, Thomas.

Baby Edmond: (opens his eyes)

Lady: He's looking at us, Thomas, We should we name him?

Thomas: Edmond.

Lady: It suits him very well.

Baby Edmond: (smiles)

Thomas: Everyone, This is Prince Edmond, Our new son!

Princess Luna: The new born son of Prince Thomas and Princess Lady!

Hiro: He looks just like Thomas!

Baby Edmond: (laughs)

Lady: Welcome to the family, My little Edmond!

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