This is the Scene where a Pegasus injures its wing and Knock Out's near scare experience in The Haunted Nixel Castle.

[We see two Pegasi pulling Princess Celestia's royal coach. Inside, the Autobots and Decepticons are watching a horror film. In it, a young girl is being chased by a vampire]

Bumblebee: Argh!

Starscream: Oh, stop screaming, will you?

Bumblebee: I can't! It's too scary!

Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, it's just a film!

Knock Out: Oh, I am gonna get nightmares after this!

[The vampire on the screen bears its fangs, making Bumblebee scream]

Bumblebee: ARGH!!!!!

Starscream: I thought I asked you to screaming! Ugh! No wonder you're so scared of horror movies!

[Outside, a Pegasus hits a cliff face and injures its wing]

Starscream: What was that?!

[They all jolt as the coach hits the cliff face. Knock Out falls into a chest]

Autobots and Decepticons: Knock Out!

[Inside the chest, Knock Out gasps in fear]

Knock Out: Help! Help! Get me outta here! I'm claustrophobic!

Starscream: Oh no.

[The Autobots and Decepticons manage to open the chest just in time for Knock Out to get out]

Knock Out: [sighs] Thanks, guys. I thought I was going to be buried alive.

Starscream: Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Knock Out: No. I meant that the experience reminded me of when I was abandoned in a Decepticon Mine.

Optimus: Oh my, You look scared.

Knock Out: I know. Maybe we should ask Celestia what that noise was.

Optimus: Good idea.

[Ratchet walks outside and turns to Celestia]

Celestia: Hello there.

Ratchet: Your highness, I must ask you this. Do you know what that noise was?

Celestia: [sighs] One of my Pegasi has injured its wing. It hit a rockface. That's what the noise was. And since Nurse Redheart can't get here until the next morning, we will be sleeping in a Spooky Castle-like motel.

Ratchet: Scary.

Celestia: It may look scary, but its actually a really nice place.

Ratchet: Okay.

[They soon arrive at the motel]

Optimus: We made it.

[Later, Celestia is asleep. The Autobots and Decepticons tip toe to the door]

Bumblebee: Okay, let's move.

Optimus: Bots, what are you doing? Don't you know that places like this are easy to get seperated and left behind in?

Ratchet: Relax, Prime. We were just going to explore.

Optimus: Okay.

[Megatron and Optimus leave to gather the others, leaving Knock Out in the room with Celestia]

Knock Out: [panics] Hey! Hey! Wait up!

Megatron: What is it now Knock Out?

Optimus: Megatron, Knock Out is claustrophobic. He has been afraid to be alone ever since he was abandoned in that Decepticon Mine.

Megatron: Oh my.

Knock Out: Breakdown! He's not here!

Megatron: What?!

[Everyone turns to see that Breakdown is not there]

Megatron: Breakdown?

Bumblebee: I wonder where he went.

Megatron: Maybe we should look for him.

Knock Out: I'm scared.

Bumblebee: Here, Knock Out. I'll walk beside you.

Knock Out: Okay.

[Suddenly, Starscream screams]

Megatron: What was that?!

Starscream: Look! [points to something on the floor]

Megatron: What is it?!

[They all gasp in horror as they find that it is one of Breakdown's arms]

Megatron: That's one of Breakdown's arms!

Optimus: Hmm. It must've fallen off.

Megatron: We have to find him.

[The arm suddenly starts to move]

Optimus: Look! It's saying something!

[The arm points forward]

Optimus: It's moving forward!

Arcee: Let's follow it.

[They begin following the arm]

Megatron: Keep following.

[Suddenly, a trap door opens underneath Smokescreen and Soundwave and they fall]

Megatron: Smokescreen and Soundwave, Not them!

[They look down into the hole]

Optimus: Smokescreen! Are you and Soundwave alright?

Soundwave: Stasus: Fine!

Optimus: Good.

Smokescreen: We'll try to find a way out. Just keep looking for Breakdown.

Optimus: Got it.

[The trap door shuts]

Optimus: What the?!

Smokescreen: Don't worry. We'll be fine.

Optimus: Right.

[The other Autobots and Decpeticons leave Soundwave and Smokescreen on their own]

Optimus: Let's continue to try to find Breakdown.

Megatron: Sure thing.

[Smokescreen and Soundwave try to find a way out]

Smokescreen: We must keep searching!

[Up above, the other Autobots and Decepticons find an old mine cart]

Optimus: Look! An old mine cart.

Megatron: Let's go.

Knock Out: [leans on it] Hah! What's a mine cart got to do with finding Breakdown?

[He pushes too hard and the Mine cart rolls away, dragging Knock Out and Starscream with it. They soon disappear]

Optimus: Oops.

[He bumps into Arcee and Airachnid and they fall through an air vent]

Megatron: D'oh!

[Megatron backs into Ultra Magnus. The Autobot falls on Dreadwing and they fall through an invisible wall]

Optimus: Oh, no!

Megatron: Not again!

[Optimus bumps into Ratchet and Skyquake and they fall through the floor. Megatron turns, grabbing Bumblebee in the process. Bumblebee hits Wheeljack and they go through the ceiling, thus leaving Optimus and Megatron with Breakdown's arm]

Optimus: Okay, now we're feeling hard.

[The arm points in the direction of Breakdown]

Megatron: Look!

[They see Breakdown up ahead]

Breakdown: Hello.

Optimus: Breakdown! Where did you go off to? We were worried sick about you.

Breakdown: I decided to pull a prank on you guys. So, I took one of my arms off and programmed it to lead you to me.

Optimus: Okay.

[They head off to find the others. Meanwhile, Starscream is alone in a corridoor]

Starscream: Help me.

[Suddenly, Starscream hears lightning and turns around in fear. He walks backwards. The Autobots and Decpeticons back into each other and mistake each other for a ghost]

Starscream: It's just a thunder.

[The Autobots and Decepticons back into each other]

Autobots and Decepticons: [screaming] GHOST!!!!!!

[Meanwhile, in a pipe]

Optimus: Did you hear that?

Megatron: It's the others.

Optimus: Let's go.

[They open a vent and find the Autobots and Decepticons running around and screaming]

Megatron: What's going on?

[Down below]

Optimus: Oh my.

[Smokescreen cowers against the wall in fear]

Smokescreen: Ghosts, everywhere! [screams]

Optimus: Smokescreen?

Knock Out: Help! Help! Ghost!

Megatron: Knock Out?

Starscream: [screaming]

Optimus: Starscream?

Breakdown: Alright! Alright! Everybody stop!

Optimus: Enough is Enough!

[Everyone stops and stares at each other]

Starscream: Optimus?

Smokescreen: Starscream? What are you doing here?

Knock Out: He's with me.

Optimus: Right.

[Breakdown removes the fabric covering Knock Out]

Knock Out: Thank you.

[Suddenly, they hear footsteps]

Optimus: It's hearing.

Knock Out: Look!

Megatron: We should check it out.

[A ghostly figure appears around the corner]

Optimus: Be careful.

[The ghostly takes off his outfit, revealing him to be Skylynx and Darksteel]

Skylynx: Hey there, We're playing a prank.

Everyone else: Skylynx? Darksteel?

Darksteel: We're just having fun.

Knock Out: Where were you two all this time?

Darksteel: We were looking for you guys.

Optimus: Really?

Skylynx: And we also learned that ghosts get scared when you pretend to be one.

Megatron: Wow.

Darksteel: We know. Now come on, let's get back to Celestia.

Megatron: Okay.

[They arrive back in the room to find Celestia awake]

Celestia: So, how it go?

Optimus: You knew about this the whole time?

Megatron: But how? You were asleep.

Celestia: I heard your footsteps. That's how I knew.

Optimus: Yeah.

[The next morning, Nurse Redheart arrives]

Optimus: Morning.

Nurse Redheart: Hi. I'm here to bandage that Pegasus' wing.

Megatron: Okay.

[Nurse Redheart bandages the Pegasus' wing]

Nurse Redheart: There, good as new.

Pegasus: [whinnies]

Megatron: Look! Here come more Pegasi.

Optimus: It's all better.

[Starscream climbs into the coach]

Starscream: Who wants to watch that horror film again?

Optimus: Okay.

Bumblebee: NO!!

Optimus: Why not?

Bumblebee: [laughs] Just kidding.

Optimus: Yep.

Celestia: Let's go, guys. I don't wanna be late for my meeting with my sister and niece.

Optimus: Oh. Coming, your highness.

Megatron: Breakdown, don't forget your arm.

Breakdown: Right.

[Knock Out chuckles]

Knock Out: Well, looks like I've gotten over my claustrophobia.

Optimus: Sure does.

Smokescreen: [turns to the camera] BOO!

[The Episode ends. As the credits roll, the song Thriller Night plays]