Metal: So, what happen then?

They explained the him about what what happen

Metal: I get it. So the Darkness has flowing out from the Crest.

Tikal: No wonder there are more and more Heartless aroun here. And.. They only way to stop them is...

Shoutmon: To get the Crest, was to?

Metal: I think. But no one knows what happen when you got it.

Gumdramon: But we all cannot stay here. We need to do something. Our friends are in trouble.

Metal: I know you have three more friends to worried about. Psychemon's  Sword must have been born of the captive Digidestined's hearts just like that Crest you saw. Of course, without Taiki, Taigiru and Yuu's heart. It remained incomplete. Once that sword was destroyed, the Digidestined hearts should have been freed. Don't worry, boys. If anyone can save your friends, you can.

They went to see Omega

Gumdramon: Omega, we need to got back to Digital Hollow Bastion.

Omega: I don't think I can let you do that.  The Heartless there are multiplying by the minute. They'd destroy your plane.

Shoutmon: Then what can we do?

Omega: Simple. Go around 'em instead of through. Install a new navigation gear and take a new route.

Damemon: A new Gear? From where?

Omega: The secret waterway. When I came here 10 months ago, I stored it there in case I ever needed it. Never though a Digimon would be the one to use it.

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