At Ernie's Juice Bar, Jason IS trying to break Bulk's benchpressing record, but is unable to do so. He doubts his ability to succeed and fears he will become known as a quitter. Pooh And The Others & The other ranger teens & The ETO Rangers. try to comfort them but have mixed success.

At the Moon Palace, Rita & Nyanma believes that Jason They are not tough without his friends to help them. She & Nyanma decides to isolate Jason & Baku from the others and destroy them, and has Finster create the King Sphinx & With The Help Of Golden Snake Godess Of The Time Shifters Eldora to separate Pooh & the others rangers from them by using his powerful wings to blow them away.

Rita & Nyanma's plan succeeds as King Sphinx & Eldora-con and a group of putties attack the Earth. Jason, Bakumaru, Kimberly, Tart, and Zack rush to face Them, but King Sphinx blows the black and pink rangers & tart back to the Juice Bar. He then battles Jason & Bakumaru, and the two are quite evenly matched until King Sphinx & Eldora teleports them to a desert like area. Goldar & Gen'En joins the fray, helping King Sphinx & Eldora-con fight Jason & Bakumaru.

At the Command Center, Zordon & Aura summons the rest of the rangers and alerts them to Jason & Bakumaru's struggle. Somehow, the desert can't be reached, and the only way to help Jason & Baku is to send them their power crystals, which would allow the rangers to teleport to the area.

In the desert, Rita & Nyanma has made King Sphinx and Goldar & Eldora-con grow. Zordon & Aura sends the Power Crystals, which Jason & Bakumaru uses to summon the other rangers. They summon their Dinozords & Kirinda, and fight both Goldar and King Sphinx & Eldora-con in the Megazord & Kirinda. Eventually they gain the upperhand when they summon the Power Sword, destroying King Sphinx & Bringing Eldora To The Good Side Thanks To Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror. Goldar & Gen'En retreats, and on the moon, Rita & Nyanma are furious.

Back at Ernie's juice bar, Jason is able to break Bulk's benchpressing record. Bulk himself arrives with Skull, claiming he will reclaim his record. Ernie brings out a cake for all to enjoy, which Bulk promptly ends up having his face smashed into when he trips on a weight, ending the episode on a high note.


Eldora Appears Holding A Fan

Eldora: What's The Matter Rangers You Don't Seen A Lady Before In Your Life

Jason: What A Fruitcake

Bakumaru: I Knew It She Was Familiar To Me

Bakumaru: The Name of That Golden Snake Is Eldora She Has The Power To Turn Everything And Person Into A Gold Statue And Make His Enemies Blind

Jason: And I Believe She's One Of The Time Shifters

Bakumaru: That's Correct

Eldora: Enough Talk You'll Be Sorry For Messing With Rita Repulsa & The Jyarei King Nyanma

Eldora: Eldora Shapeshift To ELDORA-CON!

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