Gumdramon saw Mario who has his head stuck from a Pot

Mario: Oh no!

Gumdramon: Mario, I'll help you!

Mario: Gumdramon, is that you? Help me!

He got him out

Gumdramon: So Mario what are you doing out here?

Mario: I just want to make sure you can stay in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Gumdramon: Really?

Mario: Yes! Would there be such a thing as a way to make it so you don't go away again?

Gumdramon: Mario... Don't worry. I promises I'll come back and visit you now and then.

Mario: Could you make it "now and now" instead? It would make me happy. Gumdramon, if I go looking for you, Will I find you?

Gumdramon: I'll always be with you- right here. You don't have to go anywhere. Just stay here, and you can see me anytime you want.

Mario: You mean I just have to stay right here?

Gumdramon: Yes, that's all.

Mario: Would you promise?

Gumdramon: I will.

Luigi: I promise to.

Everyone is here

Rosalina: And so do Me and Luma.

Luma: We sure do.

Peach: You're welcome to visit us anytime, Gumdramon.

Gumdramon: Thank you.

Toadworth: After all, you made us so happy here in the Mushroom Kingdom.

E.Gadd: And we're glad to have you.

Boo: Goodbye, Gumdramon.

Gumdramon: You too, Boo.

Yoshi: Yoshi.

Gumdramon: I will, Yoshi.

He's leaving

Mario: Going away?

Gumdramon: Yes, I have to go now.

Mario: It's okay. I won't be sad, because you're always be right here forever inside me. Right, Gumdramon?

Gumdramon: And all of you, are right here too. Bye.

He left the Mushroom Kingdom

And a New Logo of Mario has appeared with Mario and Gumdramon watching the Stars

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