A Promise with Conner

(Alice finds them reading a poster on the wall about The Struggle)

Conner: Just two days to go. You and I have to make the finals! That way, no matter who wins, the four of us split the prize!

Alice: Okay, you're on.

Toby: You two are gonna clean up!

Abby: Go get 'em!

(Alice and Conner make a sign of friendship with their arms)

Conner: It's a promise! Now, let's get down to business. One ticket to the beach is 900 munny. How much for four of us?

Abby: 3600 munny.

Conner: And 300 each to spend there. What's that for all of us?

Abby: 1200 munny. A total of 4800 munny.

(Toby puts his hands behind his head)

Alice: To spend on what?

Conner: Pretzels, of course! What else is there?

Alice: Well, there's always watermelon.

Conner: Too pricey. They're, like, 2000 munny apiece.

Alice: Pretzels it is.

Conner: So, where were we?

Abby: We need 4800 munny altogether. But all we have is...

Toby: I've got 800.

Abby: ...650.

Randy: 150. Sorry.

Conner: That's 1600 munny! We need another 3200. Let's find ourselves some odd jobs and earn some dough! We have 'til the train leaves to earn 800 munny each!

(Conner runs off)

Conner: Meet at the station with cash in hand!

Toby: Didn't he say he had it covered?

Alice: Whatever. Those pretzels are sounding pretty good.

(Alice helps out with some odd jobs)

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