A Ranger's Triumph is the seventy-third episode of Power Rangers Data Squad. This episode is a tribute to the Powerpuff Girls Z and The Powerpuff Girls.




Data Squad Rangers (with Periwinkle)
Color Name
Red Data Squad Ranger Robbie Diaz
Female Red Data Squad Ranger Robin Diaz
Blue Data Squad Ranger Mordecai
Green Data Squad Ranger Yoshi
Yellow Data Squad Ranger Sunset Shimmer
Pink Data Squad Ranger Amy Rose
Grey Data Squad Ranger Atticus Akito
Purple Data Squad Ranger Zoe Batheart
Heliotrope Data Squad Ranger Starlight Glimmer
Quantum Data Squad Ranger Knuckles the Echidna
Frost Data Squad Ranger Periwinkle

Other Rangers

Other Rangers (9)
Color Name
Orange Data Squad Ranger Sticks the Badger
White Data Squad Ranger Xion
Black Data Squad Ranger Emerl
Female Black Data Squad Ranger Sue Morris
Aqua Data Squad Ranger Penny
Gold Data Squad Ranger Sonic the Hedgehog
Silver Data Squad Ranger Sora
Bronze Data Squad Ranger Rigby
Crimson Data Squad Ranger Karone Hammond
Diamond Data Squad Ranger Lucina
Pearl Data Squad Ranger Serena
Turquoise Data Squad Ranger Princess Marina
Indigo Data Squad Ranger Princess Kelly
Titanium Data Squad Ranger Marty McFly
Spring Data Squad Ranger Cindy Vortex
Cyan Data Squad Ranger Trixie
Lime Data Squad Ranger Manic the Hedgehog
Magenta Data Squad Ranger Sonia the Hedgehog
Vermilion Data Squad Ranger Slider
Sun Data Squad Ranger Coloratura
Platinum Data Squad Ranger Gmerl

Harmony Squad Rangers

Harmony Squad Rangers
Color Name
Magic Data Squad Ranger Twilight Sparkle
Loyalty Data Squad Ranger Rainbow Dash
Laughter Data Squad Ranger Pinkie Pie
Generosity Data Squad Ranger Rarity
Honesty Data Squad Ranger Applejack
Kindness Data Squad Ranger Fluttershy
Courage Data Squad Ranger Spike
Persian Data Squad Ranger Maud Pie

Cutie Mark Rangers

Cutie Mark Rangers
Color Name
Cream Data Squad Ranger Apple Bloom
Pale Data Squad Ranger Sweetie Belle
Citrus Data Squad Ranger Scootaloo
Tan Data Squad Ranger Babs Seed
Candy Data Squad Ranger Diamond Tiara
Ultramarine Data Squad Ranger Silver Spoon

Extra Rangers and Megaforce Cubs

Extra Rangers and Megaforce Cubs
Color Name
Sol Data Squad Ranger Blaze the Cat
Emerald Data Squad Ranger Silver the Hedgehog
Seed Data Squad Ranger Cosmo the Seedrian
Azure Data Squad Ranger Philmac
Rose Data Squad Ranger Nadira
Topaz Data Squad Ranger Riku
Heart Data Squad Ranger Kairi
Robo Ruby
Robo Sapphire


PowerPuff and RowdyRuff Z

Color Name
Hyper Blossom Lauren Leighton
Rolling Bubbles Nicole Henderson
Powered Buttercup Coleman Palmer
Bouncing Bunny Emily Lewis
Proud Bell Rose Holt
Speedy Bullet Kasey Leighton
Confident Bloom Mirabelle Evans
Thunder Bolt Sandra Black
Windy Breezie Marley Watson
Cutey Berry Stella Avalon
Dark Barasia Bethany Anderson
Creamy Burpy Amy Brightfield
Hard Brick Bridge Watterson
Explosive Boomer Matthew Keller
Strong Butch Clay Northwood
Wild Bull John Terrell
Atomic Blitz Phillip Edwards
Impact Barrel Andy Watterson
Roaring Blaze Ivan Howard
Cosmic Blaster Riley Faust
Diving Bliss Kevin Winddale
Lucky Buzzie Lee Daily
Snowing Blanc Dominic Bly
Midnight Bill William Thurgood

PowerPuff Girls

Color Name
The Smart One  Blossom
The Cute One Bubbles
The Tough One Buttercup
The Cheerful One Bunny
The Shy One Bell
The Strong One Bullet
The Sweet One Bloom
The Marvelous One Bolt
The Nicest One Breezie
The Pretty One Berry
The Mature One Barasia
The Playful One Burpy

RowdyRuff Boys

Color Name
The Intelligent One Brick
The Adorable One Boomer
The Rough One Butch
The Rage One Bull
The Shameful One Blitz
The Baddest One Barrel
The Stink One Blaze
The Heroic One Blaster
The Joyful One Bliss
The Blushful One Buzzie
The Pureness One Blanc
The Cool One Bill


  • Palutena
  • Pit


  • The CyberSquad (Matt, Inez, Jackie & Digit)
  • Professor Drake Utonium
  • Ken Utonium
  • Poochi the Talking Dog
  • Amethyst Utonium
  • Ms. Natalie Keane
  • Ms. Sara Bellum
  • The Mayor of Townsville
  • The Gangreen Gang
  • Robin Snyder
  • Mike Believe
  • Donny
  • The People of New Townsville
  • The Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys Friends from Townsville


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Orbot
  • Cubot
  • Professor Dick
  • The Gnome
  • Mojo Jojo
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • HIM
  • The Amoeba Boys
  • Sedusa
  • Silico
  • Princess Morbucks
  • Sapphire the White Kitty
  • Manboy
  • Pack Rat
  • Hope
  • Chelsea Holmes
  • Allegro
  • Jenmmica
  • Mr. Mime
  • The Powerpunk Girls
  • The Rowdyrock Boys
  • The Fashionistas


  • This episode is a reference by Magic Knight Rayearth OVA and Pop in Q.


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