A Red Ranger from another Time Part 1 is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With a Red Ranger from the future arriving for help, Twilight Sparkle and her friends must help him prevent the upcoming threat.

It's 3 in the morning/Robbie Diaz, The Red Data Squad Ranger

It was 3 A.M. that night, Spike was in a dream where he is showing Rarity around a mysterious land of ice cream. He shows her his house, made of ice cream and "extra chocolate fudge". He then wakes up at 3 AM and both he & Sunset sees Twilight Sparkle pacing downstairs in her room, worrying about herself running out of time in this month's schedule to make a new schedule. The next day, Twilight remains awake writing out her schedule until dawn. As she finishes, a bright light appears on the other side of the garage, Just then, the DeLorean Time Machine appears out of the bright light, with a injured helmet, tattered suit with an bandage, and a scar on his face. Twilight is initially shocked, since meeting another her is "not scientifically possible." The Future Red Ranger explains that he is from the future, Twilight asks how he figured out how to time travel, to which he responds by stating that the spell is in the Data Squad Morpher, Unfortunately, due to Twilight's intense curiosity about time travel, The Future Red Ranger is unable to get a word in edgewise and doesn't have enough time to warn her of what will happen, which is when he is from. he passed out before he is able to convey her warning. Twilight assumes that because the Future Red Ranger looked as bad as he did, he was going to warn Twilight about some kind of horrible disaster and determines that she has to find out what it is and prevent it.

Telling Sunset and the girls/Twilight spoke with Ransik

Meanwhile with Sunset and the girls, They were beginning to wonder where Twilight is. But then, Twilight came in a flash of lightning to tell them the bad news that's happened. So, They went to the secret lab and spoke to Ransik. When Twilight told him about the Future Red Ranger, Ransik discovers the he is actually from another time. Leaving Twilight, Sunset, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Futtershy speechless and Rarity fainted.

Robbie's Awake and meet's Harmony Force

Soon, The Red Ranger woke up in Fluttershy's room fully recovered. But when sees them, They were confused. Then, He remembers that they are past versions. Twilight and her friends introduced themselves. Robbie explains that he is a Red Data Squad Ranger from the future, He warns them about what will happen if Dr. Eggman plans to change history and erase Harmony Force completely. Twilight and her friends were horrified, But Sunset won't let it happen and joins forces with Robbie to stop Eggman.

Nightmare Moon encounters Dr. Eggman

Meanwhile, Nightmare Moon finds a way to destroy the Harmony Rangers. Then, Dr. Eggman came and told her that another ranger came to the past to prevent him from changing history. So, They made a deal.

The Ultimate Team-Up/Harmony Force and Data Squad Come Together

Back with Robbie and the girls at the secret lair, Twilight and Robbie came up with a plan to stop Eggman. However, There was trouble downtown, So they decided to check it out. When they came downtown, They found some robots called Egg Pawns tearing down the buildings. Then, They saw Eggman himself and the battle begins.


Harmony Force Rangers

Color Name
Magic Harmony Force Ranger Twilight Sparkle
Loyalty Harmony Force Ranger Rainbow Dash
Laughter Harmony Force Ranger Pinkie Pie
Generosity Harmony Force Ranger Rarity
Honesty Harmony Force Ranger Applejack
Kindness Harmony Force Ranger Fluttershy
Wisdom Harmony Force Ranger Sunset Shimmer

Data Squad Rangers

Color Name
Red Data Squad Ranger Robbie Diaz


  • Ransik
  • Villamax
  • Diabolico
  • Zen-Aku
  • Itassis
  • Deker


  • Nadira
  • Kegler
  • Loki
  • Jindrax and Toxica
  • Matoombo
  • Norg
  • Dahlia


  • Principal Celestia
  • Vice Principal Luna
  • Shining Armor
  • Dean Cadance
  • Flash Sentry
  • Trixie
  • Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo
  • Babs Seed
  • Zephyr Breeze
  • Spearhead
  • Thunderlane
  • Caramel
  • Dr. Hooves
  • Sunburst
  • Mrs. Cup Cake and Mr. Carrot Cake
  • Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake


  • Nightmare Moon
  • Sombra
  • Chrysalis
  • Ahuizotl
  • Tirek
  • The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk
  • Dark Princess Matter
  • Flim and Flam
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Orbot and Cubot



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