A Sick Day for Yuna is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


With Princess Yuna sick with Pneumonia, Princess Celestia, Discord and Catrina will have to take turns taking care of her until she's well again.

One fine day

It was a fine day, Princess Yuna was just plying with her friends when suddenly, She didn't feel well, Then Airazor came and toke her home.

Taking care of Yuna

At the doctor's office, Doctor Stable explained to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna that Yuna was catching Pneumonia, So Celestia went to ask Discord and Catrina for his help taking care of her until she gets better and they were glad to help anypony in need.

Telling Yuna a story

In Canterlot, Princess Celestia, Discord and Catrina were taking turns taking care of Yuna, Then, Discord thought of a story that will help Yuna feel better by telling her about the time how Fluttershy reformed him and became friends with her, Twilight, Their friends and all in Ponyville.

Getting a Medicine for Yuna

Later, Tigatron and Airazor thought of a quicker way to get Yuna back on her hooves, They went to find Zecora for a Pneumonia Medicine and she gave it to them.

Yuna all better

After getting the medicine, Tigatron and Airazor pass it to Princess Celestia and gave it to Yuna and finally, Yuna felt much better, She thanked her Aunt, Discord and Catrina for taking care of her, So she went out playing with her friends again.



  1. One fine day
  2. Taking care of Yuna
  3. Telling Yuna a story
  4. Getting a Medicine for Yuna
  5. Yuna all better


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