A Surprise for Peter Sam and Nyx is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Peter Sam and Nyx has been working at the coal mines for several weeks and were fed up with the work.

Working in the coal mines

it was a busy day and Nyx and Peter Sam were fed up of working with the coals all day.

Talking to Apple Bloom

Nyx spoke to Apple Bloom about how hard she and Peter Sam worked, Then Apple Bloom states that since Sir Topham Hatt put her in charge of her own mines, She's going to give them a break.

Troublesome Cars made fun of Nyx

Back in the coal yard, The Foolish Freight cars laughed at Nyx's color and singing rudely at her about it. Nyx tells the cars to stop singing and made fun of her.

Going up the hill/The chase is on!

When Peter Sam was couple on the cars and going up the hill, the coupling broke!

Nyx the Hero!

Nyx rescued Peter Sam from getting dereaild and brought him to the works to be mended without any stop at all, Everyone as so proud of her even Prince Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle, Nyx even became a new member of the Ghost Train Busters Club and a new student to Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.


  • This episode is based on Thomas and Friends episode, A Big Surprise for Percy.


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