A Tale of 2 Skunks is a Valentines day special of Thomas, Twilight, Brian Griffin, and friends' Amazing Escapades.


It's Valentines day, and Whiffle is taking Fifi la Fume out, and he wants to make it their best time ever, and be prepared to share their first kiss.


Getting ready

One Valentines Day, everyone is celebrating the holiday. And No one's more excited than Whiffle, who's currently getting ready for a date with his girlfriend, Fifi la Fume.

At the Carousel Boutique

Meanwhile, at the Carousel Boutique, Fifi is having a dress fitted, as this goes on Rarity give Fifi a few tips, and Fifi then shares that they will share their first kiss. Rarity is delighted over this as she makes the final touch. Whiffle then shows up and the 2 set off.

In the park

At the park, Whiffle and Fifi are talking on the bench and Whiffle shares that he's learned French which lead to Fifi's surprise.

Having Dinner

At the dinner, Whiffle and Fifi are enjoying some dinner on a outside table and they both talked about their lives and their history. Whiffle even shared what it was like to fire a gun, later the 2 joined in a dance in the diner. both enjoying each other's company.

End of the date

Soon, after finishing up the 2 skunks went back to Fifi's place, and there, they presented their Valentine Day gifts. Then as the moon glows brightly, they share their first kiss while they embrace each other.


  • This is when Whiffle and Fifi la Fume shared their first kiss



  1. A Skunk is a Skunk

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