A Tank Engine from another Time is a new movie. 


Thomas' future self visits him and tries to tell him about something but doesn't have enough time to do so. Thomas thinks he was trying to tell him about a disaster that is going to occur next Monday morning.


Thomas' late night pacing

James' dreams of asking Rarity out on a date are dashed when he hears a noise of someone pacing. James wakes Ryan up and goes to see Thomas pacing around in circles. James says that it's the middle of the night and Ryan asks Thomas why he is pacing. Thomas says he doesn't have time to sleep and says to Ryan that he finished planning his sechedule for the month but forgot to plan one for next month. Ryan and James just leave him to his worrying and head back to bed.

Thomas Meets His Future Self

The next day, Ryan says "Good Morning" to Thomas. Ratchet asks why Thomas was up so late. But Thomas is too busy to listen. Ryan follows Thomas and saw his future self appear before them. Future Thomas informs Thomas that he has a very important message for him from the future. Ryan asks Future Thomas what is the message and is his friend with him. Future Thomas says no and tries to explain what the message is but is continuously interrupted by Thomas until he shoves his wheel in his mouth. But before Future Thomas can explain properly, he is sucked back into the future. Thomas begins to wonder what his future self was trying to tell him. Ryan tries to tell him but gets surprised by his future self. As Ryan and Future Ryan talk, Thomas begins to believe that his future self is trying to warn him about a disaster that could happen on



  • Everything is Awesome


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