Optimus: Today you will be examined for the Mark of Mastery. Not one but three of the Keyblade's chosen stand here as candidates, but this is neither a competition nor a battle for supremacy--not a test of wills, but a test of heart. Both of you may prevail, or neither. I trust you all ready?

All: Yes!

Optimus: Then let the Examination begin!

They are fighting the Robot and they are out of control of something and heading straight to Tino

All: Tino!

He attacked it

Tino: I'll be fine! You guys focus on the exam!

Brian: But Tino, you're in danger here! Go wait at home!

Tino: No way! I've been looking forward to this--seeing you guys become Masters. I'm not gonna miss it now!

Ryan: He can take care of himself. He's been out there training just as hard as us.

Tino: Yeah!

Brian: Just be Careful, Tino!

After those Robots

Optimus: That was unexpected...but one must keep a still heart even in the most trying of circumstances. It was an excellent test, one I chose to let unfold. Which brings us to your next trial.

(Ryan, Brian and Stewie face each other)

Optimus: Now, Ryan, Brian and Stewie, the three of you will face each other in combat. Remember, there are no winners--only truths, for when equal powers clash, their nature is revealed. Begin!

They are fighting and then Ryan saw Darkness in his hand, he removed it and continue the fight

Optimus: I have deliberated and reached a decision. Stewie, Brian and Ryan, you both performed commendably. However, only Brian and Stewie has shown the Mark of Mastery.

Ryan look sad

Optimus: Ryan, you failed to keep the darkness within you sufficiently in check. But, there is always next time. That is all. Brian and Stewie, as our newest Keyblade Master, you are entitled to certain knowledge. Please wait here for further instructions.

He left

Ryan look sad, because he fail his exam because he didn't control the Darkness

Brian: Hey...

Tino: Ryan, I'm so sorry.

Ryan: It's ok.


Vortech: What do you make of Tino?

???????: He isn't gonna cut it.

???????: Somebody's gotta break that loser in.

Vortech: Not here, you won't. I have to keep up appearances.

???????: I know that. He just needs a little incentive to leave home.

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