A Twisted Present is a new movie based on the Danny Phantom episode "Masters of All Time".


When Vlad receives Ecto-Acne again, he gets Danny and the gang to help by infecting Danny's friends with the same illness. Danny begs Clockwork to let him and the gang travel to the past to a world where Vlad Plasmius does not exist. When he succeeds, Danny and the gang end up in an alternate world where Danny's mother has married Vlad and his father, Jack, is a bitter half ghost himself!


Learning about Ecto-Acne

The film starts with Ryan and the gang hanging out with Danny, Tucker and Sam at the Amity Park Nasty Burger while Kuryan trains Ryan Crittenden (who Ryan met in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island) when Jazz "Jasmine" Fenton, Danny's sister, comes in and tells them to run. Kuryan asked Ryan Crittenden by the nickname "Ryarrigan" why Jazz wants them to run but before he can answer, Jack and Maddie Fenton come in, wearing 80s clothes and talking totally radical. Sci-Ryan asked Ryan why are Jack and Maddie wearing 80s clothes then Ryan Crittenden explains that it is one of their customs. Sci-Ryan watches as everyone present laughs. The gang go outside for some fresh but as soon as they do, Vlad Plasmius arrives. When Danny goes ghost to fight him however, Plasmius feels weak and turns back into Vlad Masters, revealing he has Ecto-Acne. The gang are horrified but are also curious to know what Ecto-Acne is. Vlad begs them to help him but


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  • Carrigan Crittenden will be mentioned in this film.