Here is how the CMC showed Jiminy around Ponyville in The Magic of Friendship.

Later, at the Cutie Mark Crusader Club House.

Scootaloo: Wow, Jiminy, You sure know how to help others make choices.

Sweetie Belle: Do you know how we can earn our Cutie Marks?

Jiminy Cricket: Well, (chuckles) Not quite, Sweetie Belle, I'm only good at giving advice to those who needs my help and That's what being a Conscience is all about.

Apple Bloom: Well Anyway, We should show Jiminy around Ponyville. (thinking) I know, Let's go to Sugar Cube Corner afterwards.

Sweetie Belle: Good idea, Apple Bloom.

Babs Seed: Well planed, Cuz.

Scootaloo: Come on, Crusaders, Let's show Jiminy around Ponyville.

The CMC: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Tour Givers, Yeah!

Later after showing Jiminy around, The CMC brought him to Sugar Cube Corner.

Scootaloo: Here's our last stop, Sugar Cube Corner.

The CMC and Jiminy came inside.

Scootaloo: Hi, Marble Cake!

Marble Cake: Apple Bloom! Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo! Babs Seed! What a surprise, (noticing Jiminy) Say, Who's your friend?

Scootaloo: This is Jiminy Cricket, He's new here.

Sweetie Belle: and He's also an Official Conscience.

Marble Cake: Well it's nice to meet you, Jiminy, Name's Marble Cake, and This is My Aunt Cup Cake, My Uncle Carrot Cake and My Baby Cousins, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake.

Mrs. Cup Cake: We're glad to meet you, Jiminy.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Please to make your acquaintance.

Jiminy Cricket: Pleasure's all mine.

Marble Cake: Can I help you girls with something?

Apple Bloom: Four Milkshakes, Please.

Marble Cake: Coming right up.

Marble Cake made three Milkshakes.

Marble Cake: Here you are, It's on the house.

Babs Seed: Thanks, Marble Cake, You're the best.

Marble Cake: No problem.

Jiminy Cricket: So, Marble Cake, If you're Aunt and Uncle are Earth Ponies, How're you and Pumpkin Cake Unicorns and Pound Cake's a Pegasus?

Marble Cake: Well, My Aunt Cup Cake's Great Aunt's Second Cousin Twice Removed was a Pegasus and My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was a Unicorn, That makes sense, right?

Jiminy Cricket: (chuckles) Clearly.

Then Pinkie Pie appeared out of nowhere.

Pinkie Pie: Hiya, Jiminy, How's the tour treating you?

Jiminy Cricket: Why, Pretty good, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: This calls for a Welcoming Party for Jiminy Cricket, Woo Hoo!

Sunset Shimmer: Hello, Are you Jiminy Cricket?

Jiminy Cricket: Why yes, As a matter a fact I am, And you are.....?

Sunset Shimmer: Sunset Shimmer, I'm Twilight Sparkle's new student, I'd like to show Twilight the magic spell I've developed, Would you like me to show it to you when we get to Twilight's Palace?

Jiminy Cricket: That'll be swell, Thank you, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: You're welcome, Jiminy.

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