This is how our Heroes are having a Yokai Talk in USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to the Ancient Yokai.

[Our Yokai Heroes are sleeping and then Lady Ubuena appeared]

Lady Ubuena: Good morning, warriors!

Inumaro: She's back.

Nekoniko: Oh no!

Lady Ubuena: Looks like it's my turn. The Warrior's has awakened

[Everybody is cheering to them]

USApyon: Blizzaria, what's going on, dani?

Blizzaria: It's not gonna be good.

USApyon: Thank you.

Lady Ubuena: This city has been granted a great blessing. And what have we done to show our gratitude. A meager celebration. The Warrior's has deserve a proper tribute!

[They show them the huge sack and they thought they gonna get a prize]

Lady Ubuena: A beginning of a new era! The dawning of the new age... Demands... Scarifice!

[She open the Sack and revealed a Yokai and she's going to scarifice the Yokai]

Whisper: I don't like this.

Komasan: Guys, we got to do something!

[She's going to send the Yokai to the Whirlpool, but then]

Fuyunyan: Stop!

USApyon: This is not a proper tribute!

Lady Ubuena: You don't want the tribute?

Jibanyan: No, no, no, nya. We want the Tribute.

Nekoniko: Uh- it's just... Inumaro tell her.

Inumaro: Uh.. The star's are not in position of this tribute!

Nekoniko: Like he said, Stars... can't do it.... Not Today.

Lady Ubuena: Ah. Perhaps is misread... The spirits.

USApyon: Don't worry, about it. To er... Is Humans to forgive.

Lady Ubuena: Hmm.

Chief: Warrior's, may the Yokai of the ancient City will offer you our tribute?

[They show them the golds]

Chief: Warrior's, does it please you?

Fuyunyan: Yes.

Komasan: Very nice.

USApyon: Certainly Accepted.

Chief: The Warriors has chosen! To Zeus?

Blizzaria: No, no, no.

All: To Zeus!

Blizzaria: Oh great.

[Everybody send all the gold to the sky, much to our Yokai Heroes surprised]

Jibanyan: Um, Blizzaria, what's happening?

Blizzaria: They're send to Zeus. In Mount Olympus.

Inumaro: Mount Olympus.

Blizzaria: I'll take care of it. Um, Chief. The Warrior's has changed their minds about Zeus. They wish to bask in the reverence that has been shown them.

Chief: Stop!

[Everybody stop toss the Gold]

Chief: They wish to bask! Take the tribute to the Warrior's Estate!

[Everybody is putting all the gold to our Heroes Estate]

USApyon: Nice going.

[They went back, except Lady Ubuena]

Lady Ubuena: Smile while you can.


[Nurarihyon and his soldier are here in the Island and he saw Footprint that leads to the Jungle

Nurarihyon: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

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