A little Piece of Rainbow is a song of My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle.

MLP Rescue from Midnight Castle Song 4 - Piece of Rainbow-002:28

MLP Rescue from Midnight Castle Song 4 - Piece of Rainbow-0


Somewhere there's a little piece of rainbow, I save it for a rainy day!
It's either underneath the rug, or in the cardboard - ugh, a bug!
But have no fear, I'll find it right away!
Wait until you see this piece of rainbow, It's brighter that a peacock's plume!
It's ocean blue and sunrise pink, I left it by the sink, I think...
Or was it in the closet with the broom?
Perhaps we ought to try the other room.
That piece of rainbow must be hiding someplace, Search every nook and cranny, high and low!
You'd think that with a rainbow, there'd be some trace!
[Twilight Sparkle]
But not a gleam!
[Cherry berry]
Not a glimmer!
[Rainbow Dash]
Not a glow!
Oh, where'd I put that little piece of rainbow?
I ran across it just last week!
It might be in the flower pot!
My goodness gracious, no it's not.
That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek!
I'm sorry but it seems...
I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek!
You're not giving up, are you?
Might as well, looked everywhere, absolutely no place else it could have...
Wait a moment!
Beg your Pardon!
Silly Me, come and see, it's in the garden!
This is where I put that piece of rainbow, it's buried here beneath the ground.
I left it in the flower bed, It's how I am - I plan ahead!
I knew that here I'd find it safe and sound.
A lesson for you all...
When Hope seems past recall...
A piece of rainbow always can be found!

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