Here's how when there is kind of new Magic in Flain's and Mal's Camping Adventure.

[Later, At the Rock Climbing Wall]

Principal Azulongmon: Rock climbing is all about perseverance and trust. Magnfio, you can trust that Krader will spot you.

Hoogi (EG): Yeah, so you can totally go faster than you're going.

Krader (EG): Hoogi!

Hoogi (EG): Sorry. I've been waiting to do this since we got here.

Magnifo (EG): You'll just have to wait a little longer, my friend.

[As he climbs up, Flain and Kitty arrives]

Hoogi (EG): Oh, good! Flain, if you spot me, I can finally go. I'll go get another harness.

[As Hoogi runs to get another]

Flain (EG): I'm not sure—

Kitty: I better make sure my brother doesn't need anything. See you later?

Flain (EG): [Blushes]

[As she leaves, Vulk, Zorch Sci-Mike, Lillipup and Mal arrives]

Mal: Flain, there you are! I was looking for you!

[Then suddenly an earthquake rumbles]

Sci-Mike: Was that an earthquake?

Flain (EG): We aren't near any fault lines.

[Then Lightning and the campers looks at the Glittery dust]

Lightning (Total Drama): Hey. What the sha-heck is this gem stuff sha-doin' here?

[Then Magnifo began to lose his grip and feel shaky, but grabs the rope]

Magnifo (EG): I-I believe I'd like to come down now!

[As Krader pulls the rope to put Magnifo down, But it got stuck]

Krader (EG): [struggles] Sorry, it's a little bit stuck.

[Then suddenly the Max power unleashes it Pulling Magnifo too high]

Magnifo (EG): Hey!

[Then Krader accidentally let go of the rope, Causing Magnifo to fall. Luckily He grabs the Rope, Slowing it down]

Magnifo (EG): Krader, What are you doing?!

Principal Azulongmon: Is everything okay over there?

Krader (EG): Uh, I don't know what happened. I didn't even pull the rope that hard. It's like she was light as a feather all of a sudden.

Magnifo (EG): [breathing heavily] I was scared half to death!

Krader (EG): It wasn't my fault! Let me help you get your harness out.

Magnifo (EG): No, thank you!

[Then Magnifo unleashes a Diamond Shield Pushing Krader away into the water]

Principal Azulongmon: What in the world just happened?!

Magnifo (EG): I'm sorry! Did I just do... whatever it was?

Flain (EG): I don't think it was your fault. I gonna go get Krader a towel.

Mal: Me too.

[As Flain and his friends went to get the towels]

Mal: [to Flain] You're not the only one with a new kind of power! This is great!

Flain (EG): No it's not! Magnifo and Krader could've seriously hurt each other! Why is this happening? I don't—

[Then Suddenly, Kaos arrived]

Kaos: Hi guys, Anything I can do for you?

Flain (EG): Uh, Krader fell in the lake. If you get what I mean.

Kaos: Oh, no! He's gonna need warm towels, dry clothes, oh, and a hot cocoa! I've got this!

[As Kaos to get some warm towels, Then A Explosion, Making it screams]

Flain (EG) and Mal: Uh oh, The Flexers!

[As they Runs to the Lunch cabin to see this event, They see The Electroids, The Flexers, The Frosticons and the Fang Gang are in the mess with Cookie Dough Sprinkles]

Mal: What happened?!

Kraw (EG): Well, we were decorating cookies.

Torts (EG): And I was all, "You need more sprinkles! And you need more sprinkles!"

Mal: Yeah. Normal Electroid stuff.

Teslo (EG): I was just tossing sprinkles to Lunk, when all of a sudden they glowed yellow and exploded!

[He throw Sprinkles and Exploded]

Volectro (EG): Just like that, only earlier!

Mal: Oookaay. Why don't you lay off touching stuff for a while?

Slumbo (EG): Oh, dear. We really should clean all of this up.

Flurr (EG): I agree.

[As they went to get paper towels, As they try to get it at the top, But it keeps failing and it's too high]

Slumbo (EG): Can someone help me out?

[Then a Bird appears and picks up a Paper towel and Slumbo catches it]

Flurr (EG): Thanks, little bird.

Bird: [Tweeting]

Lunk (EG): Why, of course I can get you a little something to—

Slumbo (EG): Uh, Did you just... talk?

Bird: [Tweeting]

Flurr (EG): But we don't speak "chirp".

Bird: [Tweeting]

Slumbo (EG): We don't know if you're the only bird we can understand.

Bird: [Tweeting]

Lunk (EG): Oh, no! Please don't call for your friends.

[Then suddenly many Birds appear and arrived to the Frosticons]

Flurr (EG): [scream] It's nice to meet all of you, too.

Mal: Whoa. Never seen that before, Were you just talking to the birds?

[Birds tweeting]

Lunk (EG): Um, Yes.

[Then suddenly, The Wiztastics and the Cragsters arrived]

Krader (EG): Hey, guys, Did you tell them what happened? So crazy! I hoisted Magnifo up the rock climbin' wall like it was nothin'! Like I had way more strength than I usually do.

Magnifo (EG): And even I didn't know that. And I made diamondy thing appear out of nowhere, which normally I'd be excited about. I mean, the facets were just perfect, and the—

Krader (EG): Magnifo!

Magnifo (EG): Oh, sorry. It knocked Krader over and then it disappeared!

Krader (EG): Speaking of disappearing, has anybody seen the Spikels?

[Then Suddenly, The Spikels fast appears zooming and crashes into the desk]

Footi (EG): Ouch!

Hoogi (EG): I'm okay.

Seismo (EG): Whoa! How'd you do that?

Scorpi (EG): Yeah, We don't know. We started running to get the harness, and the next thing we knew, We was practically back in town!

Mesmo (EG): But if you had some sort of super speed, why you were gone for so long?

Footi (EG): Because We lost it when We got far away. And then it came back when We got close to camp.

Zaptor (EG): [gasps] Being at camp is giving us all new magical abilities!

Mal: Not all of us have gotten new abilities. I haven't, but Flain— ...hasn't, either.

Shuff (EG): [sighs] So much for my theory that leavin' CHS would mean leavin' any new magic business behind.

Mal: Something at the camp must be making this happen.

Lunk (EG); Uh, Gaia Everfree?

[Then someone opens the door]

Balk (EG): Look!

[The Kaos brings lots of towels appears]

Kaos: Krader, I was looking for you! Here, I brought you some towels and dry clothes. Uh, what happened in here?

Mal: We're kinda trying to figure that out.

Kaos: Well, don't worry about it. I got this!

[Then Noah and Fluffle Puff appears]

Noah (Total Drama): Kaos, I kicked my beanbag into the lake!

Kaos: [eye twitch] I'll get you another one!

Fluffle Puff (EG): And I'm all out of arrows!

Kaos: Say no more! New arrows coming right up!

[Then Kitty arrived]

Kitty: There you are! [hushed] Spoiled Rich is back. Do you want me to handle it?

Kaos: [hushed] Absolutely not! [normal] I've got this!

[As they leave, Flain and his friends heard a screech]

Mal: Lunk, Enough with the screaming.

Lunk (EG): I didn't scream.

Gobba: For once.

Magnifo (EG): Nobody did.

Mal: Okay?

Principal Azulongmon: [over P.A.] Attention, campers! Anyone who's interested in making floating paper lanterns, please meet us by the picnic tables.

Krader (EG): I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I've been lookin' forward to comin' here for a month. Maybe we forget about this "new magic" for a bit and just try to focus on enjoyin' our time at camp?

Magnifo (EG): I was oh, so excited about designs I've come up with for the camp fashion show.

Hoogi (EG): And I've barely gotten to whoop anybody in tetherball.

Mal: I think we should try to figure it out. But if letting it go for now is what the rest of you want...

All but Mal and Flain: [agreement]

Zaptor (EG): Abso-tootly-lutely!

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