Here is how a new look and upgraded Armour goes in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[when the storm died down, Nighlock was standing there, with his eyes closed]

Nighlock: They've taken everything from our kind. Now it's our turn. An eye for an eye. We'll take everything from them.[opens his eyes, which are now red]

Apocalypse: Then you will need this.[gives him his armour] Together, we will cleanse the Earth.[gives him his helmet]

Nighlock:[puts them on, and they change colors] From now on, you can call me, Dark Nighlock.

Apocalypse: I like the sound of that.[teleports them away just seconds before a groundbridge opened up]

Ryan F-Freeman: NIGHLOCK!

Apocalypse: All will be revealed my child. For now, we test the boy's abilities and his limits.(the teleportation finishes and they are gone)

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