This is how a night in the forest goes in 28 Train-Pranks Later.

[The episode begins with Henry, Edward and Fluttershy's animal friends walking through the forest at nighttime]

Henry: I'm so sorry I lost track of time at our picnic, Edward. I didn't mean for us to get caught out here after dark. But there's really nothing to be afraid of. The forest at night is the same as the forest during the day.

Edward: It's not your fault, Henry. But you are right.

[wind rustling]

Henry: What's that? Gaia Everfree?

Edward: No. But it's just like you said. Only... darker.

Harry: [teeth chattering]

Henry: I hope Gaia could be with Ryan.

Edward: Still, we should be heading back to the cottage. Fluttershy will be wondering where we are.


Edward: Uhhh. Ryan? Was that Gaia?

Henry: Nothing to worry about. No reason to...


Gordon: [eerie wailing]

Henry: Uh oh. It's Gaia Everfree!

Edward: Ruuun!


Henry: What is she after?!

Gordon: [eerie wailing]

Henry and Edward: [shrieking]

[The creature comes out of the shadows revealed to be Gordon dressed like Gaia Everfree]

Gordon: Gotcha!

Edward: Gordon? What is you're wearing?

Gordon: It's a costume, Edward. [laughs] You should've seen your faces.

[But the two engines find no humor in the prank at all]

Henry: We were scared, Gordon. Scary pranks are only good for Halloween.

Edward: And Ryan met Gaia.

Henry: That wasn't funny! You scared us. We hope you're happy.

Harry: [growls]

Gordon: Nope. You two are too easy. You two are scared of everything.

Henry: [in Sonata Dusk's voice] Are not.

Edward: Henry's right. That's not true.

Gordon: Boo.

Edward: Yahhh!!

Henry: Aah!


Gordon: [laughs harder]

Harry: [grunts]

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