This is a trip to Cybertron and all the women disappear goes in The Guys' Night Out.

[At the Autobot Base]

Sidecord: So. You think Sunset will be ok?

Spikewave: Trust me, Windblade invited every female hero there is in this base. It's a girl thing you wouldn't understand.

Codylight Sparkle: I know. And in that episode Dreadlock, I was so sad for Crash to die with Bee.

Crash Bandicoot: That was a long time ago. Besides, he's Sunset's bodyguard now.

Ryan Tokisaki: I didn't know you killed Megatron after Bee's voice is gone.

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah, well, at least he's back alive, well and reformed.

Matau T. Monkey: So. Can you tell Kuryan about what happend? Allow me to set the scene.

[Matau uses his memory chip to create a projection]

Crash Bandicoot: [narrating] When me and Bumblebee were trying to bring the Star Saber to Prime, Megatron and Ryvine blasted us 3 times and Bee and I fell into the Cybermatter after my spacesuit got destroyed.

Bertram T. Monkey: Oh my gosh. That hurts.

Crash Bandicoot: But, when Ryan was on the ledge of the Nemesis, Megatron told him to...

Megatron: [in projection] Join your scout and the orange rat in the Allspark.

Crash Bandicoot: However, Bee and I shouted Megatron's name and when he turns to find who called him, Bee and I impales him in the chest with the Star Saber and my Keyblade. I told him that he robbed Optimus and Thomas' girlfriend and Bee said he took his voice and said..

Bumblebee: [in projection] You will never rob anyone of anything ever again.

[The projection fades]

Crash Bandicoot: And that's how I got the ability to breath in space.

Ryan Tokisaki: Wow. So that Cybermatter fixed Bee's voice box and gives you the power to breath in space like a... a....

Crash Bandicoot: An Autobot? Yeah.

Ranyx: Wow. I hope Xgem will be ok.

Windblade: Don't worry, Ranyx, everything'll be fine. Ratchet, open the Spacebridge.

[He does and Princess Cadance turns to Ryan]

Princess Cadance: Ryan, will you please watch Flurry Heart while I'm gone?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sure. And I know the thing. Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves and..

Ryan F-Freeman and Princess Cadance: Do a little shake.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. I hope Volpora is not here.

Evil Ryan: Volpora?

Matau T. Monkey: Here. Let this video tell you all about him.

[Crash shows Optimus a video of the episode of "Volpina" called "The Rise of Volpora"]

Sora: [looks at a photo of Ryan and Riku]

[Sora spots an Akuma]

Sora: What is that butterfly?

Iago: I'll get it.

[He tried but it landed on Sora's necklace and a butterfly frame forms around his eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Volpora. I am Ryan Repulsa. I know that Ryan is a Keyblade Master. So. For you, I give you the powers of Volpina. You can convince Ladyan, Kitty Noir and the other 2 heroes of Paris that you are a hero. But, in return. You need to bring me and Hawk Moth the Matrix and the Miraculous. So. On a scale of one to three stars, what will you think about this offer?

Sora: For me. 3. Ryan will pay for what his Keyblade skills have to offer.

[Sora lets the Akuma consume him and he turns into Volpora]

Volpora: Time to tune things up.

Iago: Sora? What's with the outfit?

Volpora: I am Volpora. Keyblade master of music.

Emmet: Music? Oh. I guess you like this. Everything is Awsome~

[Volpora pulls out his flute and plays it. He throws a ball of magic at a photo of Ryan and Riku and it turn into a photo of Ryan and Sora]

Iago: What's that?

Volpora: That's why I am who I am now.

[Matau pause the video]

Matau T. Monkey: I think Ryan is a Keyblade master with Riku. Spyro's heart is in Ryan. And Megtus' heart is in Rianna.

Ryan Tokisaki: So. What does Volpora tell Ladyan to do?

[Spikewave plays a recording of Volpora]

Spikewave: [in his and Volpora's voices] Hand over your Miraculous and the Matrix, Ladyan. Or I will make Riku suffer and I will make you tell me and Volpina about OpThomas Prime!

[Ryan claps his hands]

Evil Ryan: Wow. Cody did become Time-skater.

Flurry Heart: [cooing]

Crash Bandicoot: I got a list to do with Foul sitting.

Ryan Tokisaki: Evil Adam can be one of the Cyberlings till Evil Anna gets back. I hope Megatron was dead. My mentor Ekimu can help out if we find him. 

[While the heroes get ready, Nightmare Moon watches from afar and grins at the girls]

Nightmare Moon: Hmm, a road trip. Well, I was planning on defeating the Elements of Harmony bearers but I would love some moving targets and catching their value. We'll see whose a useless alicorn with night controlling abilities. [flies into the Sparbridge without being seen]

[Meanwhile, at the park, Roodaka is flirting with a human boy when she is hit with a blast of red energy from behind]

Ryvine Sparkle: [off-screen] Roodaka!

[Kaos, Nightmare Hiro and King Sombra show up beside him]

Kaos: Do you know how stupid these female heroes can be?

Roodaka: Oh, boy.

[A chase between Roodaka and Ryvine begins]

King Sombra: I'm liking him more and more.

Kaos: You think so? I mean this Kuryan. Stopping Makuta from deforming Sunset? Oh well. It's his time.

[After a few minuets of chasing, Ryvine finally shoots Roodaka to the ground]

Ryvine Sparkle: So, Roodaka, the minuet we have a fight, you come here and flirt with some meaningless human boys?!

Roodaka: Oh, Ryvine, come on. You know you're the only meaningless boy for me.

Ryvine Sparkle: [looks at the camera] Well, folks. I guess it's like that Danny Phantom episode. So. I hope Xehanort is ok. [to Roodaka] Anyhow. [growls]

Roodaka: Uh, wait. That didn't come out right.

Kaos: Honestly. Megatron did control Ryan's mind like last time and you go all smitten kitten on some human boys. [to Nightmare Hiro] I guess the student of Unicron is the new Kitty.

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