They going up stair and then Taz and Wile got knocked out from a Force Field and Ace saw Lexi

Ace: Lexi! Lexi! Lexi! Open your eyes!

Duck: It's no use. That girl has lost her heart, she cannot wake up.

He put her down

Ace: What? You... you're not Duck.

Duck: The Symbol cannot be completed, so long as the last princess of heart still sleeps.

Ace: Princess? Lexi a Princess?

Duck: Yes. A without her power, the Symbol will be remain incomplete. It is time she's awakened.

Ace: Look, Mac! I don't know, who you are! But... Let Duck go! And give him back his heart!

Duck: First. You must give the Princes back her heart.

Then he clutch some pain from his Chest and he fell down

Daffy: Ace!

Ace: What's happen to my chest?

Duck: Don't you see yet? The princess's heart is responding. It has been there all along. Lexi's heart rest within you!

Ace: Lexi. Lexi is inside me?

Duck: I know all that there is to know.

Ace: Tell me. Who are you?

Duck: It is I. Mephiles. The Seeker of Darkness.

He is walking to Ace and Daffy is going to attack him and he got pushed out from Mephiles

Mephiles: So. I shall release now, Princess. Complete the Symbol with your power. Open the Door, lead me into everlasting darkness!

He is going to attack Ace and then

Lexi: Ace!

Ace blocked it with his Sword

Ace: Forget it! There's no way, you're taking Lexi's Heart!

He is fighting Mephiles and he has been defeated and then he has been vanished

Ace: Duck!

Daffy: Ace! Look!

Wile: The Symbol!

He look at it and he aim his sword to the Heartless Symbol

Wile: It won't work! The Symbol is not finish yet.

Ace: What can we do?

Wile: The only way is to awake Lexi.

Ace: I think you're right. If we can free her heart... but... but how? A sword that opens people's hearts... I wonder.

He walk to the Sword

Wile: Ace?

He picked it up

Wile: Ace! Hold on!

Taz: No!

Daffy: No! Don't do it!

Ace: Later.

He turned the Sword and stab it on his Chest and then the Sword is making 6 Hearts and it went to the Princess and the Last one on Ace, went to Lexi's Body. And Ace is fading

Daffy: Ace! Ace!

Lexi get up and she saw Ace fading

Lexi: Ace!

Ace: Goodbye, Lexi.

She tried to grab him and then he turned into a small fragments of light

Daffy: Ace! Come back, Ace!

Back to Ace

Ace: What's. What's happening to me? Falling... falling into Darkness

Back to Lexi and the Other

Lexi: Ace. Are you... no it can't be. I won't let it go!

Then Mephiles the Hedgehog has appeared

Mephiles: So, you have awakened at last, Princess. The Symbol has now been completed. You have surgery your purpose. But now it's over.

He walk up to them

Daffy: Don't make another move!

Wile: Do you think that we have to find him, all by ourselves?

Daffy: I don't know.

Then he has been stopped

Mephiles: Impossible.

Then Duck has appeared as a Spirit

Duck: No! You won't use me for this!

Lexi: Duck!

Duck: You gotta leave! The Heartless are coming.

They saw all the Heartless and they running away

Wile: What about the Symbol?!

Daffy: Let's just get out of here!

Then Ace has turned into a Heartless and they Following them

Daffy: Come on, Lexi!

Lexi: I can't leave them behind!

Wile: Don't worry about them! And Beside Naruto will saved them!

Lexi ran to the other

Wile: The Heartless is here!

They saw one Heartless

Daffy: I'll take care of him!

He clobbered Ace

Daffy: Stupid Heartless. Get lost!

The Heartless is looking at Lexi

Lexi: Ace... is that you?

Then they have been surrounded by the Heartless

Wile: Oh No!

They are fighting them and Lexi is protection him

Lexi: This time, I'll protect you.

Then Heartless jumped to Lexi

Lexi: Ace!

They saw Lexi dragging away from the Heartless

Daffy: Ah!

Wile: Lexi!

Then a Light has burst away from the Heartless and it was Ace and he's holding Lexi

Ace: Lexi. Thank you.

Lexi: Ace.

All: Ace!

Then more Heartless has surrounded them, then Naruto stop them

Naruto: Go! Hurry!

Ace: What about you?!

Naruto: I'll be fine. I'm not leaving with Sakura. Now go! The Heartless are coming.

Ace: Okay. Let's get out of here.

They left Hollow Bastion and went back to Traverse Town

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